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Software packages and utilities, from sophisticated applications to simple add-ons

A range of applications created by InterSys® to help your business run smoothly and efficiently.

   Contracts Catalogue System


Contracts Catalogue System (CCS) is a supplier and Customer management system that provides a robust SQL Server web based interface. CCS generates automatic email reminders at key contract points, ensuring a short payback period as revenue streams are no longer missed.

Key features:

  • Different types of user can be setup within the system allowing different levels of access to contracts.
  • Various types of reports can be generated based on contracts stored in the system.
  • Files can be attached to contracts such as scanned soft copies.
  • Reminder e-mails can be automatically sent to specified addresses
    when key dates relevant to a contract are reached.

   Web Appointments System


Web Appointments System (WAS) allows recruitment companies to manage their jobs and job advertisments effectively. WAS allows publication and searching of jobs directly on the client's website. As WAS is a hosted application, it means minimal investment for the client.


   Audit Management Toolkit


Audit Management Toolkit allows you to plan your audits, and effectively manage the follow-up process and ongoing supplier relationships.


   Manufacturing Control System


Manufacturing Control System is a complete manufacturing control, order management, and tracking system. It provides an easy-to-use web interface, and supports barcodes and reporting.


   XML Email Processor


XML Email Processor is an add-on tool for Microsoft Outlook that automates XML email processing. XML Email Processor outputs XML structured emails to a spreadsheet and other formats in just one click. Uses include mandated order processing.


   Database Diariser


Database Diariser is designed to work with Microsoft Outlook, it adds reminder appointments to your Outlook calendar from your existing Microsoft Access Databases.


   Recruitment Management System


Recruitment Management System is a specialised client and candidate management system for recruitment firms.


   URL Obfuscation Utility


URL Obfuscation Utility (UOU) is an ASP based web application which allows greater security of client web portals (Terminal Services or Webmail) and other published applications by providing an additional layer of authentication (usually via a 'Watchguard' device) from an easily remembered URL, before transparent direction of the user to their application.


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