Remote Desktop RemoteApp is available on Windows Server operating system (2008R2+); RemoteApp gives end-users the ability to remotely access their corporate desktop, workplace programs & applications available.

RemoteApp will allow individual programs and applications to run remotely – allowing workers to access them from home, on the move, or from another workstation in the office with minimal effort. Remotely, they work more efficiently than a VPN and previously these may only have been deployed in the workplace as a local programs, meaning a higher support overhead an much lower speed to deployment to multiple users.

How can your business benefit from RemoteApp?

  • Ease of Access – Your employees will be able to efficiently carry out office work on applications installed in the workplace, with their own data, from their homes or elsewhere; without having to spend time & effort installing or configuring them.
  • Program Compatibility – There are no worries about different program versions: applications, for example MS Office, will run remotely on other computers, regardless of the version of their operating system.
  • User Management – Administrators can tailor application provision centrally via Group Policy. This provides better utilisation of corporate resources and very fast application provision / rollout to groups of users.
  • Save money & reduce IT support call outs – Applications available remotely minimise issues for the end-user and reduces support costs for the organisation. Central provision and publishing of applications can be significantly more cost effective than installing applications on each user’s computer. Support is simplified and centralised because an error on a user’s PC is unlikely to interfere with the RemoteApp software.
  • Security – All security queries are handled on the server in where applications have been executed, users can also have files saved in their work directory as opposed to their home computer or vulnerable portable device.
  • Web Panel – RemoteApp features a sleek web user interface which acts as the gateway between the end user and the many programs you’ve specified to be accessed remotely.

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