Microsoft Office 365 – a great platform, which scales to any organisation size, but you may be confused by the plans. Let Intersys help with our quide to Office 365 plans below.

Microsoft Office 365 Small Business

Suitable for very small organisations with limited IT infrastructure plus limited integration and overall technology needs.
Brings significant benefits to those without existing ‘proper’ email system and allows great collaboration between workers.

Microsoft Office 365 Midsize Business

We don’t often recommend this plan; there’s no simple migration path to the features available in the Enterprise plans.
Like ‘Small Business’, but with ‘single sign on’ by linking into corporate networks, typically via a Microsoft Windows Server (‘Active directory’) domain. If you need this, you may need Enterprise features; later migration to Enterprise will be an unwelcome disruption and cost overhead, due to Microsoft’s lack of a migration path.

Microsoft Office 365 Small Enterprise

Great range of plans scalable from small business to enterprises.
ntegrates well with corporate networks and includes advanced email features (unlimited storage, archiving for large mailboxes and legal hold), integrates with organisations Enterprise Unified Communications (replaces a phone system and provides superb phone/email integration etc).

Click the link below for a full size image which compares all Microsoft Office 365 business plans

Compare all Office 365 plans

Compare all Office 365 plans

Microsoft’s prices are correct at September 2013 – the image below is taken from this link: