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Hummingbird Resources PLC
Hummingbird Resources PLC is a major West African gold producer and mining company. Intersys was tasked with overhauling their IT infrastructure to help meet their growth targets.


Hummingbird needed a major infrastructure upgrade to match their growth plans and to give shareholders, including the Malian Government, greater confidence in the business. But operational technical issues meant it was a struggle to reliably connect remote locations and older systems.

Our Solution

Intersys improved Hummingbird’s IT resilience in a hostile geographical and geopolitical environment. We enabled streamlining and sharing of data and provided disaster recovery solutions in volatile conditions.
Network expansion
We extended Hummingbird’s network capabilities allowing expansion from 50 to over 200 users across London, Mali and Liberia. Where once there was only a rudimentary link between the Mali site and London office, the network has now expanded to include another office in Mali.
Improved remote support
We also optimised remote support software to allow better control and administration of end users’ PCs and infrastructure from anywhere in the world.
Build relationships with local IT support
As well as our own site visits, we nurtured close relationships with Hummingbird’s local Malian IT provider, to help provide continuity and ‘remote hands and eyes’ for times when more immediate help was required.
Develop consistency
We closely supported the client’s west African and UK teams in order to facilitate a more cohesive working environment across the entire organisation.


Our Managed Services have enabled Hummingbird to expand their operations, secure their networks, and share vital detailed operational data and management information between Mali, Liberia and London.

The remote location of some of the mines is no longer an obstacle to data sharing thanks to our approach of optimisation and systematic improvement. By boosting resilience of all networks and systems, including continual replication of systems between Mali sites and London, Hummingbird’s down time is virtually negligible. Before our intervention, Hummingbird’s IT service would go down for weeks at a time. Now with our remedial work, all locations are hyper resilient. They have gone from a resolution time of several weeks to being sorted within the hour. We also revitalised older hardware that had been written off, and by doing so vastly improved the resilience of each location.

We’ve sought to increase Hummingbird’s competitive advantage and shareholder confidence through the increased reliability, operational efficiencies and significantly improved resilience of their mining support systems.

What our client said

‘Highly specialised and professional service – will continue to use’

'Intersys were extremely thorough and diligent when it came to identifying risks that could significantly disrupt our operations and in prioritising mitigating actions and proportionate response plans. A highly specialised and professional service which we will continue to use.'

Group Financial Controller, Hummingbird PLC

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