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Microsoft Dynamics 365: more meaningful data, more agile strategies, more business growth

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a powerful product suite that combines enterprise resource planning, CRM and line-of-business applications to give you the total picture of how your operations are performing, in real time.

It connects with the systems and tools you already use to generate data, joining the dots so you get continuous and unparalleled insights into business performance. This will help you quickly respond to change and reshape and transform your strategies across marketing, sales, finance and operations for optimum results.

Microsoft Dynamics works natively in the Microsoft Cloud – with Microsoft 365, Azure, and Microsoft Power Platform – providing a joined-up approach across systems and processes.

A powerful platform: but how will you deploy it?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a modular and customisable product, so it is very important to plan carefully how to deploy it.

For instance, it offers applications that provide insights into sales, marketing, customers, customer service, field service issues, finance, human resources, supply chain management and fraud protection. Which elements of Dynamics 365 will fully unleash the benefits to your business? How will it integrate with existing systems?

The truth is, all of these applications can be integrated with each other and with your existing IT so they work seamlessly together. Providing you plan carefully and execute intelligently. This is where a trusted Microsoft Partner with a depth and breadth of experience integrating Dynamics 365 can help.

We're a Microsoft Partner - and we'll set you up for success

Intersys’ Microsoft Dynamics 365 developer services help to ensure you use the right tools, in the right way, to bring a powerful digital transformation to your business.

We can consult with you so we fully understand your business and your needs. We work with organisations across many sectors, including finance, education, engineering, insurance, healthcare, life sciences, retail, logistics and law, and we will quickly get up-to-speed on the processes and strategies that drive your IT setup. We'll then offer insights into how Dynamics 365 can bring value to your business and create a tailor-made package of Microsoft Dynamics 365 tools that will help you get the most from this platform and fasttrack your business goals.
We can ensure Microsoft Dynamics 365 works with all of your existing Microsoft 365 (formerly Microsoft Office 365) products. As an example, many businesses use the browser-based business intelligence tool Microsoft Power BI. We are skilled in ensuring this application will integrate effectively with Dynamics 365, to provide optimum data capture and reporting for your business.
Developer Support
We can provide ongoing development support for customers; and we can help any other Microsoft Dynamics 365 users who need the product to work harder for them and bring more business benefits.

Why choose us?

Here’s why you should choose Intersys Microsoft Dynamics 365 developer services:
Not just coders
Our analysts and developers also have strong communication, project management and strategic skills.
Multi-industry experience
We have satisfied clients across a range of industries, including the public, non-profit and private sectors.
Customer focused
We understand customer needs and build them into every project.
Built to scale
Our services will match your organisation’s growth objectives.
Quick return on investment
We use Agile methodology and SCRUM principles for quick ROI.
Robust testing
We have comprehensive testing facilities.