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Fully Managed, 24/7 IT Security. Isn't this the Protection Your Business Deserves?

The UK government’s Office of Cyber Security and Information Assurance estimates that cyber criminals steal a staggering £21bn from businesses every year. What they take away from reputations, meanwhile, is something you simply cannot put a figure on.

Smart businesses have stayed several steps ahead – and avoided potentially devastating breaches – by taking a systematic approach to cyber security

That systematic approach is using the services of a managed security services provider (also known as an 'MSSP' or 'security operations centre') such as Intersys.

This service differs from the cyber security you will get in an IT support package, or in one-off, ad-hoc emergency support because it is fully managed and ongoing, providing 24/7 protection. It offers a level of security hardening beyond the reach of most in house teams, ensuring you are doing everything you possibly can to stay safe and compliant.

Quite simply, with the right provider this is the gold standard in cyber security.

As your managed security services provider, Intersys will:

Fully protect your business
Our comprehensive strategy includes round-the-clock monitoring of intrusion and detection systems and firewalls, regular auditing, overseeing upgrades etc
Play to your strengths
You run your business while we deal completely with cyber security
Ensure compliance
No more sleepless nights and worries about complying with data regulations
Save you money
An outsourced solution from Intersys is far less expensive than hiring in house

What does Intersys’ service involve?

Cyber Security Plan A comprehensive plan for securing your systems, from sourcing the right cyber and IP assurance to expert system monitoring and intrusion protection.
Compliance Expertise Helping to ensure your cyber security strategy is GDPR and industry compliant.
User Awareness Training Educating your staff so they don’t fall victim to phishing emails and other threats. See more on this important point below.
Breach Response Service A rapid-response service should a successful breach occur, with urgent on-site assistance.
Ongoing Protection State-of-the-art anti-virus and anti-malware software, along with intrusion detection and behaviour security analysis.

Educating your people: a crucial part of your security plan

As a part of our MSSP service, our Cyber Security Training Programme raises your employees’ awareness, so they make the right choices and help to keep the bad guys out.

Our programme provides:

Cyber security risk assessments, to quantify the profile of and threat to your user base.
Tailored security awareness content, including interactive modules, videos, games, newsletters, simulated phishing campaigns and more resources to educate and reinforce learning.
Dedicated ‘phish alert’ buttons to raise awareness of threats.
A Virtual Risk Officer function, which is powered by artificial intelligence machine learning technologies to provide you with feedback and insight into your employees’ cyber-risk.
Monthly reports providing insights into the effectiveness of your security plan and actionable next steps.

Why should I trust you with my data?

There’s no way to fudge it: working with an MSSP / security operations centre means they are holding the keys to your business. You have to be able to trust them.

Here’s why you can trust Intersys:

A long-term security provider. We have 25 years of commercial and NGO experience across many sectors, offering you up-to-date and industry-leading protection.

Industry accredited: We take our training, competencies and accreditations very seriously. Our people are highly experienced, ISO 27001-certified, data protection and GDPR-aligned IT security experts with a deep knowledge of IT and cyber security issues.

UKAS accredited ISO 27001

WatchGuard Gold Partner

EC-Council CEH (Certified Ethical Hacker)

Microsoft Gold Partner

Cyberoam Gold Partner

CompTIA Security+

CompTIA Network+

BCS CISMP (Certificate in Information Security Management Principles)

Computer forensics and investigations (postgraduate course)

Thought leaders: We’re not new entrants to a crowded managed security services provider / security operations centre market: we have been providing cyber security, innovating our offer and writing about the subject for many years. Take a look at our blog for up-to-date advice and insights.

Customer feedback. Many of our clients, particularly those in pharmaceuticals, consider cyber security a sensitive issue – especially where it concerns a breach response. This means we inevitably have fewer testimonials in this area. However you can see feedback from our satisfied cyber-security customer at the bottom of this page, or you can read one of our available case studies and testimonials here.

Are these services just for the big players?

Not at all. In fact, this kind of service is pitched perfectly at medium-sized businesses who don’t have the in-house resources to handle this level of cyber security themselves.

This field is becoming more complex, more dynamic and a minefield of regulatory requirements (just saying GDPR to some business owners raises the blood pressure). In other words, it is just the kind of area a small or medium-sized organisation will want to hand over to a trusted managed security services provider like Intersys.

How much is it going to cost?

Again, we have pitched our services carefully for those businesess who are likely to need it most. We charge on a per device basis, so you can scale up or scale down your cyber security services depending on your changing needs.

In short, the cost will most likely be less than you think and always in keeping with your current business profile.

What our clients say

Hear what our clients say about our security services.

An exceptional cyber security service

With multiple offices across the globe, cloud-based systems and close relationship with external providers, we realised creating our Cyber Risk Management Framework would require considerable expertise. Intersys did a great job of gathering all the necessary data about our company’s global systems and processes, and then benchmarking it against the expected standards.

I could certainly recommend their service and approach.

Citadel Risk
Citadel Risk

Efficiently managed, pain-free cyber security

Intersys designed and implemented our cyber security defences and corporate security protocols, to our exacting requirements. This was achieved as part of the work to separate our infrastructure from a larger organisation. Thanks to them, the entire process was pain free and efficiently managed.

AviaSolutions Ltd
AviaSolutions Ltd