Offshore Marine Management

We’ve supported OMM from the beginning, ensuring their businesses have an IT infrastructure that is fit for purpose across the organisation. This has been especially important during periods of rapid growth and transition to the extent they’ve now, through our Managed Services, outsourced their IT to us entirely.

Our solution

  • Significant IT Cost reduction through Fully Managed Service
  • Align Business Goals with IT Direction
  • Vastly improved IT Service for a 24 hour business
  • ‘All You Can Eat’ Support including regular site visits
  • Responsive IT service
  • Efficiency via Strategy and Infrastructure
  • Large improvements in reliability
  • Continual Infrastructure improvement
  • Provision of Extremely Skilled Technical Staff
  • Large scale consolidation of services
  • Wide Area, fast, resilient network infrastructure
  • Eliminated regular system outages
  • Significantly improved network security
  • Simplification of environment


  • Fully Managed
  • Significant reduction in IT costs
  • Eliminating Volatility
  • Increased Trust in Corporate IT

  • Running a complex organisation of multiple companies, I need corporate IT services to work with me and to scale with all of my businesses, smoothly and without fuss. Intersys’ Managed Service has been significantly easier to manage, more cost effective and more responsive than the equivalent service from permanent support staff. The skills go far beyond just IT and I know I can trust these guys to keep us running and growing.
    Rob Grimmond – CEO: Confideo Invest, MD: Offshore Marine Management, Offshore Marine Academy, Floating Cable Tank, CAOMM.

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