On-site Sharepoint

Whether working as a team or an individual, SharePoint reinvents the way you work together, helping you organise information, people and projects, making it easy to find answers, discover insights and connect with experts.

How we work

Sharepoint gives you a single place to store all of your documents and allows real time collaboration. You can access your information from anywhere at anytime via any smartphone, tablet or desktop machine – all you need is an internet connection. By having all your documents to hand in one central location, you can stay on track and manage your project email and information via tools you are already familiar with.

Developers and web designers can create new experiences on SharePoint using familiar tools and internet standards, while providing powerful controls that allow IT departments to manage cost, risk, and their time.

Key benefits:

  • A single place to store all your documents and collaborate with  colleagues in real time.
  • Use feeds to stay on top of relevant content and collaborate with Coworkers.
  • Engage in discussions with experts and find answers.
  • Get anywhere access to people and your information using your smartphone.
  • Keep your documents in sync and access them wherever you go – With Integration with Skydrive.
  • Create a single location for your team to organise content, share ideas and manage a project
  • Manage personal and team tasks right within SharePoint and integrate with familiar tools like Outlook and Project
  • Manage your project email and documents in one place
  • SharePoint search is like Bing for any information within your company
  • Share dashboards and interactive reports using Power View
  • Discover and download apps to personalise your SharePoint experience

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