The Olympics will be a busy time in the UK. Planning to allow staff to work from home to avoid the crush? Have you considered the impact of millions of people viewing via the Internet? Unless you plan carefully, remote workers may have trouble connecting to your own systems

Are we headed for an Olympics internet meltdown?

Strategies to keep your business running smoothly during the Olympics.

Remote Workers & Capacity Planning
Whilst the recent snow may have prevented some staff getting to work, or disrupted your supply chain, it’s a good wake up call for businesses which haven’t considered the impact of the Olympics (and potentially far greater disruption), on its daily running.
800,000 daily visitors are predicted to attend the Olympics Venues – and an additional 25% is estimated to be added to London’s daily 12 million tube journeys, so the Olympics may be the ideal time allow some staff to work from home.

However, the intense interest in the games will fuel massively increased internet usage over the period and there’s speculation (not least from the government) that the internet may not cope with the pressure. If they’re using standard ‘residential grade’ internet connections, your remote workers may stop functioning, unless your planning has allowed for drastically reduced data usage. Strategies include a communications audit, service level backed internet connections, backup connections using mobile data or multiple providers.

Business Continuity Planning
Apart from the obvious scenarios, involving public transport problems, blocked roads or security incidents prevent staff getting to work, there are many areas where the Olympics can have both a positive and negative affect on your business; planning ahead could help you stand out from your competition. If you haven’t already considered contingency plans, Intersys can help you ensure that your company stands the best chance of operating smoothly, regardless of what happens.

Now is also an excellent time to reciew your BCP and DR plans; tested, working plans are what can set one business apart from its competition.

Contact Intersys for some expert IT planning and BCP advice.

The document Preparing your Business for the Games provides some more information.

Remote Working
There are many types of remote access, each with their own benefits. Intersys understands the technologies to help you get the best from your remote workers, even keeping productivity high during times of disruption.

Traffic and transport delays
The Olympic games will inevitably cause transport problems to your staff, supplies and customers. Considering (and planning for) the areas where this could impact your business could be vital to ensuring full profitability during this period.

What is a BCP?
Business Continuity Planning: this is a ‘go to’ document, used at the point of any business impact scenario and helps determine who deals with what areas of business impact. The BCP will also contain contacts and contact details and try to make allowances for those ‘unknown unknowns’ which may impact your business.
It is a BCP in which the imapct to the business from many scenarios are considered – anything from reputational damage (negative press, product failure) to a serious, wide ranging events (flood, terrorism). a DR (Disaster Recovery) plan is written as a ‘subset’ of a BCP,

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