Microsoft have recently published up a helpful vlog from TechEd of which explains some ‘deadly sins’ of Windows Security and what administrators can do to about these security vulnerabilities.

The video is worth watching as it is filled with heaps of useful information & includes tips on how to efficiently manage a server. Is your server as secure as you think it is?

Ten Deadly Sins of Administrators about Windows Security:

Sin 10: Misunderstanding Passwords

Sin 9: Ignoring Offline Access

Sin 8: Incorrect Access Control

Sin 7: Using Old Technology

Sin 6: What is encryption?

Sin 5: Installing Pirated Content

Sin 4: Lack of Network Monitoring

Sin 3: What You See is NOT What You Get

Sin 2: Too Much Trust in People

Sin 1: Lack of Documentation & Training

The vlog is available to watch right now over at youtube – Be sure to give it a watch!