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AVOID THE TRAP: Business Success Is Not ‘All About Belief’

The credit crunch was the worst global economic crisis in decades. Its impact upon the professional and personal lives of millions of people throughout the world was huge, and for many, catastrophic. Here in the UK the credit crunch is no longer a front-page story, but still, the fabric of so many people’s day-to-day lives is now markedly different compared to before the economic downturn.

Could the economic downturn have been better risk assessed?

In the USA, several prominent business leaders have been criticised for ignoring the warning signs of the global economic collapse. If someone were to ask you what is the weakest link in your supply chain, what would your answer be? Is it a question you’ve been confronted with before? Are phrases such as risk assessment, risk management and disaster recovery simply too scary? Or perhaps, with everything else you’ve got on your plate, you feel you just can’t find the time to think about all that ‘negative’ stuff right now.

Why not leave it to a risk management expert. A specialist company like Intersys who knows risk management, assessment and disaster recovery inside-out and has a proven track record in protecting businesses large and small across the UK from the unthinkable ever happening.

The Benefits of Letting an Expert Risk Assess Your Business are Massive:

1. Avoid potential disaster for your company by identifying the weak links in your supply chain
2. Put in place a business continuity plan so you can continue to trade without missing a beat
3. Avoid the blame culture that erodes team moral at so many companies after a disaster
4. Find quicker and better ways to work. 

Many companies find by getting an outside objective view of their business, they discover new ways of working that help them work more effectively (and profitably!) as a result enjoy getting on with actually running the business, without having that worry at the back of your mind, that voice that whispers ‘but what if something goes wrong?’.

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