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Business Continuity Management

No Dramas: We’ll Manage Threats and Keep You Up and Running

Our business continuity management service can give your business the protection it needs to guard against unexpected interruptions and disasters.

From unplanned power outages and material shortages to data breaches and cyber attacks, modern businesses have a range of threats to contend with. Our business continuity plan (BCP) experts can help you develop foolproof solutions to help protect your business.

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Bullet-Proof Business Continuity Plans

Our business continuity management service includes the creation of a dependable business continuity plan, which will ensure that your staff and assets stay safe and are not slowed down during disaster.

The BCP includes a roadmap for identifying key staff members and their exact responsibilities during any business impact scenario. Having a contingency plan in place for when disaster strikes can mean the difference between your business surviving or not. Our robust BCPs take into account a wide range of scenarios that are likely to affect your business niche. These include events that can cause reputational damage, profit losses or anything more serious that can lead to interruption to trading.

We use a wide variety of software and applications to help us develop tailor-made plans that can address the specific demands of your business or organisation.

  • We identify modern threats such as IT security and data breaches, as well as traditional threats like supply chain disruption and adverse weather conditions
  • We have a special focus on regulatory compliance where relevant (we are ISO 27001 certified)
  • Our BCPs are comprehensive yet cost-effective
  • We have experience working in a wide range of sectors such as financial services and pharmaceuticals
  • We have continuously tested backup and restore plans

Building Resilience

We can help make your organisation’s systems and processes more robust in order to deal with any potential interruption or catastrophe.

We do this by assessing all possible threats early on, examining their operational impact, and putting in place plans and systems that will ensure service as usual in the event of a disruption.

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