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Cyber Security for Schools and Colleges

Stay safe and compliant with a specialist security provider for the education sector

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An Urgent Issue that Many Schools are not Properly Addressing

Cyber breaches in schools are increasing. UK government statistics show that 41% of primary schools, 70% of secondary schools and 92% of higher education colleges suffered attacks in a twelve-month period

An attack can see your school grind to a halt. It could also betray the confidentiality of student and staff members and see you breaching compliance obligations.

However, we know that procuring premium-tier cyber security for schools is frequently beyond school budgets. Also, when you implement security monitoring and tightening, pushback from staff can be fierce.
School Cyber Security

Cyber Security in Education. Get Help Now:

Intersys has a track record of delivering cyber security for schools and colleges. We understand the security, compliance and budgetary concerns of your sector. We offer:

Comprehensive cyber security services

We’ll manage your whole cyber security infrastructure to help keep you safe from attack.

Ad-hoc consultancy and cyber security fixes

Ask us to help you with one-off cyber security projects to augment your IT team’s approaches.

Compliance expertise

We’ll help you comply with mandatory legislation and your risk protection arrangement (RPA).

Breach response

Call us and we’ll respond rapidly, shutting down threats and getting you back up and running.

Full IT support

We can manage all of your IT systems across your estate, on an ongoing basis. Or ask us to support your in-house team.

Cyber security training

Cyber-savvy staff are your first line of defence. Ask our friendly team to deliver training that will help prevent costly breaches.

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‘They understand the education sector’
Intersys staff are proficient, understand the education sector and, most importantly, are friendly and explain everything in layperson’s terms. LESLEY LAPPER, ARCHBISHOP TENISON’S CHURCH OF ENGLAND SIXTH FORM
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Recent Successful Projects for Schools

Eliminating Viruses

Intersys provided an emergency cyber breach response service to a secondary school, identifying and removing the notorious Emotet virus and strengthening the school’s IT systems.

Hardening Security

We helped a secondary school overcome disruption faced by a malicious virus, eliminated the malware and then worked with the school to ensure it was protected from future threats.

IT + Cyber Security

Our team assisted an academy trust, one of the largest SEN academies in Europe, in upgrading its networks and streamlining its IT. This project included taking care of all security and antivirus needs. 
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We are a Specialist Provider of Cyber Security for Schools. We Understand Your Challenges

Intersys has over 25 years of experience providing  IT cyber security for schools. Here’s why our deep understanding of your sector matters:
Every team member who visits your school is DBS checked.
We can implement recommended requirements as per the UK government’s Cyber Security Standards for Schools and Colleges.
We understand the particular and urgent challenges of your sector, including protecting student privacy and locking down devices for a safe learning environment.
We offer cost-effective solutions tailored to the limited budgets of educational institutions.
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Our Services Include

Network security
Protecting against attacks and unauthorised access to the school's network.

User access and authentication
Segmenting your network for different user groups (students, staff, guests) with varying levels of access. Promoting strong authentication methods such as multi-factor authentication (MFA), to prevent unauthorised access to systems and data.

Device security
Securing school-owned and student-owned devices, ensuring they are regularly updated and protected against malware.

Online learning platforms
Providing solutions for secure e-learning environments, including video conferencing and document sharing.
Monitoring and reporting
Installing tools that help schools track and respond to cybersecurity incidents.

Incident response
Putting an incident response plan in place and acting quickly to secure your networks if you are under attack.

Staff training
Developing cybersecurity awareness and training programs for both teachers and students, to reduce the risk of human error.

Complete IT services
As well as cyber security for schools, we provide comprehensive IT services, including full support, computers for schools and more. Get all the support you need – IT and security – from a specialist schools provider.

Experienced a Data Breach?

If you’ve experienced a data breach and lost files – or been subject to ransomware demands – we can help. Intersys has a track record of shutting out criminals, recovering data and getting schools back up and running.
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We offer complete cyber security for schools and colleges. Find out how we can help your IT team to ensure you stay secure.
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