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24-Hour IT Support and ‘Extended Support’ Packages

We live in a ‘post 9-5’ world. Your people may work late or weekends. You may have a nightshift crew. Or perhaps you are a global team who need joined up IT.

You should never let down your customers or your teams because your IT support can’t keep up.

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Imagine these scenarios:

  • You were breached on Friday night. You can’t wait until Monday to sort this existential threat.
  • Your people are working late on an important presentation for tomorrow, but the printer won’t work.
  • Your client desperately needs support on a job, but technical glitches are keeping them hanging – and putting your reputation on the line.
  • Your software needs updates and patches, but this is too disruptive in daytime hours to undertake.

We’ll keep you working and protect your reputation. Get high-level 24/7 support or extended support from an award-winning provider.

Are your people and customers content with you downing tools because your IT department is offline? Of course not! Our 24/7 support will ensure you keep working at any time, anywhere in the world.

24 Hour IT Support from Intersys

Unlimited Support, Fixed Pricing

Get unlimited phone and remote support at a fixed price per user. Your support can be on, always. Our costs are always transparent and upfront. End of. You’ll find this peace of mind priceless.

Highly Qualified Team

Our knowledge runs deep right across the team, and we provide ITIL-qualified helpdesk staff and first, second- and third-line support. No more ‘IT support lottery’– all of our people know their stuff!

London-based, Global Service

We are a London-based business with teams around the world who can ensure 24/7 remote coverage globally. We can offer the joined-up IT approach necessary for multinational companies. For UK customers, our 24/7 support can include site visits.

Native UK Speakers

We provide 24/7 global support by deploying team members to native English-speaking countries such as New Zealand. No confusion or stilted small talk. Just people who get you, getting the job done.

Extended Support Available

Don’t need full 24/7 support? No problem – our extended support packages can be tailored exactly to your needs. Need 6am until 10pm support? Or 9-5 support including Saturdays and Sundays? We are on it. We also offer ad hoc support for IT emergencies.

We're the Friendly IT Company

Poor people skills are the ‘hidden epidemic’ in remote support. Our people are tech experts and customer service-trained communicators. We’ll listen. We’ll communicate clearly. We’ll get the job done with zero confusion or frustration.

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Say Goodbye to These IT Nightmares 👋

  • Missed report deadlines due to slow-running or laggy machines
  • Client blown out on a scheduled call because of work-from-home firewall issues
  • Hours of productivity lost because the shared server is down
  • Customer service lines down and NO queries answered for hours on end
  • Cyber-security breach because your IT support failed to install a patch out-of-hours and criminals exploited a gap in your defences.


Why always-on IT support will benefit your business

  • Keep your clients happy by meeting deadlines and service standards.
  • Keep your team happy with optimal-performing technology.
  • Maximise efficiency by keeping IT working, all the time.
  • Protect your organisation from damaging cyber attacks.

Additional Services

Extended and 24-Hour Support Packages (Fixed Component) Description

  • Extended Hours 8am-8pm UK hours
  • 24x5 – 24 Hour Support Weekdays (no weekends or bank holidays)
  • Option A - 24x7x357 24 Hour Support 357 days (weekends, no bank holidays)
  • Option B - 24x7x364 24 Hour Support 364 days (weekends + UK bank holidays, not Christmas Day)
  • Option C - 24x7x365 24 Hour Support 365 days (weekends + UK bank holidays + Christmas Day)

24/7 IT Support: Frequently Asked Questions

How much is this going to cost?
Less than you might think. Intersys offers flexible and scalable options to suit your needs. It’s why both multinationals and SMEs find our services cost-effective.
Why is 24/7 support important from a security point of view?
Hackers never sleep – when they are from around the world, time differences mean you are always potentially vulnerable. So, if there’s a breach at 7 pm on Friday night, do you really want to wait two days to get it looked at?

Also, servers need updates but with 9-5 support there is never a good time to get the job done as it can be disruptive. This can lead to a crucial job, such as installing security patches, getting kicked down the road, making everyone more vulnerable. Get the job done at night, however, and it’s achieved in a timely way with no one getting disturbed.
We’re an international business with offices around the world. Can you help?
Yes, because we already successfully serve happy clients across the globe. A mini-case study: a mining and exploration client of Intersys has offices in Africa, Norway, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Singapore, each receiving uninterrupted 24/7 IT support. We can do the same for you.
I need to find out more about your support packages, to get an understanding of exactly what you offer.
How do I know I can trust you to do the job properly?
Probably the simplest answer to that question is have a look around our website at our accreditations, case studies and testimonials. Hopefully they’ll not only convince you that we have the right industry accreditations, but also that you’re in very good company if you choose Intersys.
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