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Got a Query? Start Here...

Below you’ll find the answers to questions we get asked the most. If your questions aren’t answered, or you’d like to know more, feel free to contact us.

How does MSP work?

When you outsource your IT to a Managed Service Provider (MSP) like Intersys, you hand over the burden of maintaining and securing your IT to a company that specialises in dealing with issues such as cyber threats and network performance. Services include help desk support, emergency support and cloud services among others. With unlimited 24/7 support, a dedicated engineer (who you will get to know on a first-name basis) and a fixed monthly charge, you avoid both unforeseen technical problems and unexpected IT bills.

We have our own IT staff. Are you able to augment our team?

Absolutely. Our co-managed service is designed to supplement and enhance your existing IT team. Often, we will share a common ticketing system, allowing issues to be collaborated on internally or escalated to us. This means we’re all on the same page and keeps our relationship with your organisation strong.

What size organisations are a good fit for MSP?

Organisations of all sizes and in all industries can benefit from Managed Services. Small to medium size companies use MSPs to provide fully managed IT services so they get robust tech support at a fixed cost. Larger companies often use an MSP to supplement their in-house IT staff.

How does MSSP Work?

Managed Security Service Providers (MSSPs) are IT service providers who specialise in offering proactive, state-of-the-art cyber security that goes beyond the level of regular in-house security. These services include things like the latest virus and spam blocking software, intrusion detection, cutting-edge firewalls and virtual private network (VPN) management. Partnering with an MSSP for your cyber security needs offers significant cost savings when compared to hiring your own in-house team, provides you with industry-leading experts who are up-to-date with the latest cyber-attack trends, and allows your cyber security to be proactive rather than reactive.

What technology do you cover?

We cover the full range of technology, from desktop computers to portable devices such as tablets and smartphones. We understand that many companies run a mixture of devices and operating systems; as well as providing Windows and Apple Mac support, we ensure your devices can talk to each other. A member of our team will be happy to answer any specific enquiries regarding your particular tech. Call us for a free, no-obligation chat.

What don’t you support?

We support everything, from the very latest technology right through to older legacy systems. We see no reason why legacy applications that are providing good business service to you can’t be looked after. We will, however, advise you of any risk to your organisation posed by the failure of critical applications running on legacy systems. If you have a particular question about a piece of tech, call us to see how we can help.

My industry has complex rules and regulations regarding data protection. Is MSP right for me?

Absolutely. At Intersys we have a great deal of experience working with heavily-regulated industries such as law, finance and pharmaceuticals. We understand the importance of ensuring compliance with industry regulators, as well as the need for GDPR alignment.

Do you support satellite offices outside of the UK?

Yes, we do. Many of our clients are global organisations with offices in the UK and overseas. We have experience supporting offices in remote, hostile locations with unreliable or non-existent IT infrastructure.

Do I need a contract?

No. We can provide you with pay-as-you-go support if you prefer. However, the majority of our clients choose a contract, as this gives them guaranteed availability of support and the convenience of a fixed monthly charge at a preferential rate.

How do I contact you for support?

Our existing clients have immediate access to someone who can help them with their enquiries, including a dedicated engineer. New clients can fill in the contact form below, or call us on: +44 (0)20 3005 4440 A member of our team will be happy to assist you.

Do you come to my office when I have a problem?

The vast majority of IT issues can be fixed remotely. However, occasionally there may be a need to be on site. Some of our service contracts include regular, on-site visits. This can be incorporated as part of your contract if required.

How much will it cost?

It depends. We work with you to devise a service contract that works for the size of your infrastructure, your needs, and your budget. Non-contract customers are billed according to time, materials and level of expertise needed. Contact us for a chat and a no-obligation quote.

I only want to pay you when I need you. Do you offer a consultancy service?

Yes. We offer a range of consultancy services to ensure you get the IT solution you need to make your company more efficient, agile and cost-effective.

Still have questions, or ready to work with us?

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