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Our Biggest Consulting Skill? Listening

We’ve been providing IT consulting services across all sectors for 25 years. During that time, one fact stands out: every organisation faces its own, unique challenges.

This is why – from designing new IT infrastructure to undertaking audits and developing bespoke software – we work closely with our clients to understand their goals and develop a tailormade solution that will power their growth.

We won’t throw products and services at you. We are always listening hard and looking for a tailormade solution.

Here's some of the reasons why you'll want to choose IT consulting services from Intersys.

  • Working to your budget. We are never trying to get you to spend more, but always proposing an affordable solution.
  • The level of consultancy you need. We can offer everything from a full VCISO service to one-off consultancy. We deliver as much or as little as you need.
  • Always collaborating with your people. We are great communicators who will work alongside and enable your in-house team.
  • Highly recommended. Heavily regulated industries such as life sciences and financial services come to our senior executives for ISO 27001- certified IT consulting services.
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Practical Ways IT Consulting Services Can Help You Now

Joined up communications strategies. We can help you navigate the maze of comms and connectivity, ensuring telecoms, phones, VoIP, and MS Teams are integrated and talking to one another.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Integration. Development and integration of this powerful software to ensure it is helping to propel your business forward.

Data Protection Act and GDPR compliance. Our thorough, step-by-step process will ensure you are on the right side of the law and avoid crippling fines.

Competition-beating software. Bespoke software can speed up your processes and provide you with a tangible edge over rivals who are tied to off-the-shelf products.

Streamlined IT infrastructure. Imagine your team rolling out software that is faster, better and safer. Our DevOps consultants can revolutionise your approach.

Richard Geyman

‘Are you willing to plan for prosperity?’

I talk to organisations across all sectors: from pharmaceutical and mining companies to schools and charities. One of the biggest markers of success  is a willingness to stop merely firefighting IT challenges and take a more structured approach to powering success through technology. This is where Intersys can help. We can be that second pair of eyes, coming to you with a fresh perspective and new ideas that can have a remarkable effect on performance. We do all of this while respecting your culture and your existing IT teams. Everything we do is in a spirit of collaboration and providing you with the tools for future success.
Richard Geyman, Technical Director, Intersys
  • “We have truly levelled up and we are delighted with Intersys’ services”
    Waltham Forest Housing Association

  • “Intersys staff are proficient, understand the education sector and, most importantly, are friendly and explain everything in layperson’s terms”
    Archbishop Tenison’s Church of England Sixth Form

  • “An exceptional cyber security service”
    Citadel Risk

  • “Efficiently managed, pain-free cyber security”
    Avia Solutions Ltd

  • “I’m absolutely delighted with Intersys’ service”.
    Flourish Academy Trust

We're Helping Clients Just Like You

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Hello! We Provide Friendly IT Consultancy

Perhaps more than any area of IT services, consultancy requires impeccable soft skills as well as technical ability. All of our people are great communicators and many have also undertaken professional customer service training. For you, this means they know how to listen, how to ask the right questions to develop a brief, and how to fit like a glove with your own culture and team. Why not put them to the test?

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IT Consultancy Services in 4 Steps


Analysing your requirements

You may have a detailed brief already, or perhaps you only know that your current approach isn’t working. Let’s get to know your requirements.

Designing your strategy

Following detailed investigations, we put together a strategy for your project, ensuring we get sign-off from you every step of the way.

Rolling out your strategy

Now it’s time to implement your strategy, to move your organisation’s IT structure forward and help you reach your goals.

Supporting your growth

Work with Intersys and you get to choose the level of support required. Ask us to troubleshoot one-off issues, or step in and offer ongoing managed support.

Common IT Consultancy Services Questions Answered

How will your IT consultancy services work alongside our existing IT team?
This is probably one of our clients’ number-one questions. And the answer is found in skills you almost certainly can’t teach at ‘IT school’. Our people are customer-service trained, which means they are great communicators who can work alongside your team to help them with a particular project, or get them up to speed with more comprehensive changes. We will communicate with them every step of the way.
How can I be sure your IT consulting services are applicable to my sector?
Because we’ve almost certainly worked in your sector, or one very close in terms of its IT requirements. From blue-chip business to SMEs, schools, charities and NGOs, we have experience right across the board. Finance companies, primary schools, local councils, international mining and exploration businesses, private finance specialists, software companies, building merchants, fashion brands, private libraries, wildlife charities, and SEN schools only begin to scratch the surface of our client list.
Why should we pick your IT consulting services before other providers?
We have the skills. But then, in truth, some of the others among the very best do too. Here’s two further reasons why you should pick Intersys. Firstly, we are IT through and through. Our founder, our leadership team and all of our senior team are hands-on IT people, not ‘IT sales people’. This matters because our mindset is about solving problems, not selling stuff. Secondly, we are very proud of our culture of transparency, honesty and integrity. Yes, we understand that many businesses say that but we think, if you give us a call, it won’t take long before you get a sense of our sincerity and our values. Contact details below!
Tech Support Assistant

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