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Modern, Lean, Fast IT – a Superb ROI

An organisation may be brimming with talent, but it’s always going to be playing catch up if it’s held back by poor IT infrastructure. This is a common problem. Businesses fail to commit to IT upgrades that can bring dramatic efficiencies to operations.

Intersys’ IT infrastructure services can help you by upgrading poorly set-up and outdated technology; or by changing an IT infrastructure approach to reflect a bold new growth strategy. With over 25 years in the business and long-standing partnerships with leading providers of hardware and software, we will find cost-effective solutions regardless of the age or complexity of your current systems.

Our IT infrastructure services are informed by the latest best practice, to ensure your IT stands the test of time and provides a ROI. We will offer the hardware, software, network components operating systems and data storage that exactly reflects your organisation and goals. Your solution can be delivered within your own facilities or as a cloud-based infrastructure service.

We can help you by providing consultancy from our senior IT leaders and installation from customer service-trained technicians. Our people have years of experience working with in-house teams during IT infrastructure projects and have won a reputation as the friendly IT people.
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IT Infrastructure Services from Intersys

We provide every aspect of IT infrastructure. Ask about the following services:

It Infrastructure Consultancy

Talk to our senior team about your goals for your infrastructure. We’ll look at your current pain points and the changes that will bring the maximum ROI. Then we’ll align our suggested upgrades with your medium- and long-term strategies.

IT Infrastructure Management Services

Once we have designed and implemented your IT infrastructure, we can manage your whole IT infrastructure, maintaining and retiring elements as necessary. Capacity planning and resource analysis allow us to determine the optimum strategy for you, whether retaining on-premises hardware, migrating to the cloud, or to hosted or hybrid solutions.

IT Infrastructure Integration

We’ll undertake a holistic upgrade of your systems, designing a new and optimised IT infrastructure. Or we can target specific fixes and modernisations to make the greatest impact. This will all occur while your operations continue seamlessly.

Cloud Set-Up/Management

Many businesses choose to host aspects of their IT infrastructure in a cloud environment for a more flexible and cost-effective approach. We can create a private cloud environment or establish a service with a cloud provider such as Microsoft.
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IT Infrastructure Services: the Benefits

Boost profits
Optimise systems and automate tasks to increase capacity and profits.
Save money
Consolidate duplicate processes or remove unnecessary IT to minimise outlays.
Reduce costly downtime
Upgrade IT infrastructure to significantly improve day-to-day performance.
Increase agility
Introduce modern IT to make it easier to repivot and introduce new growth strategies.
Boost employee engagement
Eliminate substandard IT to improve motivation among employees.
Repel cyber attacks
Upgraded systems will better protect you against online criminals.

We are Accredited by Industry Leaders

What do IT Infrastructure Services Typically Include?

IT infrastructure services typically include all the technical components that go into helping an organisation be productive, go to market and stay secure. Think of it as a roadmap for your organisation’s IT infrastructure. These components broadly include hardware, software, physical facilities, and cloud infrastructure. A more detailed list is below:

  • Computer hardware
  • Operating systems
  • Internet
  • Networking infrastructure and hardware (routers, wiring etc)
  • Virtual network software (for instance, Microsoft Windows servers)
  • Data management and storage (physical data servers and software used to organise databases)
  • Cloud infrastructure
  • Some critical software applications

What do IT Infrastructure Services Typically Not Include?

IT infrastructure services don’t include the following areas:

  • User device maintenance (desktops, laptops, tablets, phones etc). These items are typically the responsibility of a service desk
  • Application development
  • Database analysis and reporting
  • People, processes and documentation
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