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Get Ready For Copilot

Microsoft 365 Copilot will revolutionise your organisation’s efficiency. But only if deployed correctly. Get a one-day ‘Set Up and Go’ consultancy to ensure safe, compliant and optimum performance.
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Go it alone with Copilot and This Could Happen:

Security breaches. Oversharing of classified information
Suboptimal performance. Copilot hampered by poor setup
Wasted budgets. Copilot assigned to the wrong users

Get ready for Copilot with Intersys Consultancy

Secure deployment. Appropriate permissions per use
Seamless integration. Working with your Microsoft apps
Budget efficiency. Despatched to the right users

How is Microsoft Copilot Changing Business?

Microsoft 365 Copilot uses large language models (LLMs) to turn your data into a powerful productivity tool. This AI assistant works alongside Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook and Teams to up your team’s skill levels and productivity. Give it a prompt such as ‘Write a short report about next quarter’s goals’ and it will generate content based on your meeting notes, emails and chat threads.

It can:
Microsoft Copilot Logo
Create stunning presentations in PowerPoint with a simple prompt
Microsoft Copilot Logo
Generate a first draft in Word based on material from Microsoft 365 apps
Microsoft Copilot Logo
Create professional charts and graphs instantly by analysing Excel data

Which Copilot User Will You Be?

Some organisations will ‘muddle through’ with Copilot. Others will get ready for Copliot with professional help to ensure optimal, secure and compliant setup. Guess which are going to rocket ahead with this incredible new technology?
Tech Setup

Why Do I Need Help to Get Ready for Copilot?

SETUP. You’ll need to correctly configure Copilot with your Microsoft apps such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint. This will help avoid involve Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, and ensure consectetur adipiscing elit.

LICENSES. You must assign user licenses efficiently and appropriately, ensuring the people in your organisation with the most to gain from Copilot have access to this powerful tool.

PRIVACY AND PERMISSIONS. Information access controls and policies will need to be set correctly before deploying Copilot. This will ensure confidential information does NOT feature Copilot responses.

EDUCATION. The faster your people learn to use Copilot effectively, the greater the positive impact on your organisation. We’ll help you set up knowledge-sharing resources, so you can upskill quickly.

Do You Have the Right Software?

Did you know you must have either a Microsoft 365 E3 or E5 license, and an Azure Active Directory account to use Copilot? If you have any questions about requirements, contact us for help.

Intersys’ ‘Set Up and Go’ Consultancy

Intersys is a Microsoft Modern Work Solutions Partner with a deep understanding of Microsoft products. We are also an ISO 27001 IT and cyber security provider. Together, these accreditations and skills help ensure we will deploy Copilot efficiently and securely.

All of this skill and experience is relayed by a customer service-trained team familiar with explaining technical processes in plain language.

In one day’s consultancy, we will ensure you are ready to boost your productivity with Copilot and stay ahead of the competition.
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Set up and go!
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