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Intersys Environmental Policy Statement


We acknowledge that we have both a legal and moral obligation to ensure we take a responsible approach to the environment.

This Environmental Policy Statement commits us to reducing our negative impact and making positive contributions to the world around us wherever possible.

We won’t try to show you a ‘vision of perfection’. We accept there is always room for improvement, and we will periodically update this document to reveal our progress.

We wish to avoid empty promises. Wherever possible, we will back up general statements of intent with concrete examples of what we do to help make the world a better, cleaner, and safer place.

Our commitment covers the following areas:

Compliance: ‘We adhere to environmental rules’

We pledge to comply with all environmental laws, regulations, and codes of practice relevant to the industry sectors in which we operate.

Energy: ‘We follow energy efficiency practices’

We use low-energy appliances wherever possible. We also monitor heating and lighting for efficiency, both in our own offices and in customer environments where applicable. We use eco-friendly air source heating pumps in our London and Cornwall offices as they have lower power consumption. We also use Green Energy Electricity Supplies, a supplier of 100% green gas and electricity (our Cornwall office is 100% Green Energy). We have also installed low energy bulbs, motion sensor lighting and eco server power modes where practical.

Emissions: ‘We adapt working practices to reduce air emissions’

Remote working

We have embraced the environmental benefits of remote working wherever this is practical and does not affect the quality of our service.

Hybrid working, remote client support and a move towards more remote meetings have helped to significantly reduce our road and air miles. In turn, this reduces carbon emissions.


We use public transport to get to client sites which is considered the most environmentally friendly choice. In and around London, this may be as much as 70% of our travel.  We also operate several regional hubs in London, Essex, Cambridge, and Cornwall to cut down travel distances to clients and partners.

Carbon Offsetting

In 2023, we committed to offsetting our carbon footprint through over 50 tonnes of carbon credits, invested across three worthwhile global social and environmental causes. 

They include:

  • Protection of tropical rainforest in the Amazon (Envira Amazonia). We’re supporting the conservation of 39,301 hectares along the banks of the Jurupari River. The aim is to conserve tropical rainforests and their role as carbon sinks.
  • Distribution of life saving, safe, and energy efficient cooking stoves in Honduras, Central America. The Proyecto Mirador carbon offset project helps build cleaner cooking stoves for rural families in Honduras. 
  • Clean energy generation in India. A wind farm project in south India aims to generate 60 MW of clean electricity which is exported to the Indian electricity grid. This directly displaces the electricity which would have otherwise been generated from India’s dominant coal and gas.

We are pleased to announce that working in partnership with, we have successfully retired 51 carbon credits so far. A copy of our Gold Standard /Verra Carbon Credit Retirement Certificate is available to download here:

We recommend our partners to all our clients who are serious about their net zero targets. 

Resources: ‘We reuse and recycle, and choose sustainable options’

We use recycled paper and refurbish products where it doesn’t detract from user experience as well as using biodegradable chemicals where practical.

Waste: ‘We dispose of e‑waste responsibly’

We are acutely aware of the e‑waste problem and are determined to not be part of that problem. We are legally required under the Electrical and Electronic Equipment Directive (WEEE) to ensure that our clients’ hardware is recycled responsibly, and we follow these practices.

Supply chain: ‘We choose responsible suppliers’

We recognise the importance of ensuring sustainable practices throughout our supply chain. Therefore, wherever possible, we work with suppliers who show a commitment to reducing their impact on the environment.

How we will meet environmental objectives and continue to improve our approach:

We commit to:

  • Educating and training our employees on environmental issues and the environmental effects of their activities.
  • Monitoring progress and reviewing environmental performance against targets and objectives yearly at a minimum.
  • Communicating our environmental aims and objectives to staff, customers, and other external stakeholders.
  • Improving the next iteration of this policy by including measurable indicators.

We want to hear from you:

We listen to our clients and partners. If there is anything you need to see in this statement and in our actions that help to confirm a sound and responsible approach to environmental practices, we want to hear from you.

Please contact our team on

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