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We Have 126 Live Clients and a 99%+ Retention Rate

Before choosing Intersys, you probably want to know that other people are choosing us too, which is why we’ve put our most current client figures at the top of this page. We’re proud of these numbers and we think they express – more than any words could – how customers feel about our dedicated service.

Here’s some other things you should know about our client base.

Our Clients Come from Global Brands and SMES

From IT support in Essex to nationwide cyber security and consultancy services, Intersys provides IT to organisations of all sizes. These include everything from international pharmaceutical brands and mining companies to family businesses with a handful of employees. We speak your language whether you are a large corporation with well-defined structures, processes and requirements; or an SME that might be addressing a coherent approach to IT or cyber security for the very first time.

Also, because our costs are often scalable (based on number of heads/ devices), you’ll find us affordable whatever your size.

We Work Across Virtually Every Sector

We work for commercial, public and third-sector organisations. Industries include:

  • communications
  • creative industries
  • education
  • engineering
  • financial services
  • healthcare
  • insurance
  • legal professions
  • leisure
  • logistics
  • media
  • mining and exploration
  • non profit
  • manufacturing
  • pharmaceutical
  • recruitment
  • renewable energy
  • retail
  • technology
  • and many more industries

This means there is a very, very good chance we understand how your industry works, the challenges you face and even the regulatory and compliance rules you must adhere to. We can offer the kind of tailored support you will need and ‘hit the ground running’ finding solutions for you.

Our clients vote with their feet: and keep coming back to us

We’d ask you to look again at our retention rate at the top of the page. Long-term relationships and trust really are the foundation of our success. Clients tell us that working with Intersys never feels like working with a ‘third party contractor’. We get to know you, we collaborate with your people, and we improve your IT performance in a way that will make you feel like we are part of your team.

What next?

Why not take a look at our case studies to see how we have helped clients and what they’ve had to say about us.

Or start a conversation with us about your needs now.

Live client figure and retention rate is correct as of February 2021.

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