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Professional IT Training

IT Training: Because Tech-Savvy Staff are Great for Your Business

Are you looking to upgrade your staff’s IT skills? Intersys offers professional IT training across beginner, intermediate and advanced levels in a variety of popular software products, platforms and applications.

Whether it’s just a quick refresher or more in-depth coaching, our courses can be customised to suit your exact requirements.

Our courses

Our clients tell us that our IT courses have helped to significantly develop their staff’s skill portfolio and we are always happy to offer bespoke teaching if required. We offer training for the following applications:

Microsoft Office Suite training

Microsoft Word 

Learn how to type professional-looking text documents such as letters, reports, invoices, leaflets and more. 

Microsoft Excel 

Create spreadsheets and workbooks; learn how to enter and edit text and numbers; find out how to add and delete columns and rows; use formulas; and analyse, communicate and protect your numerical data. 

Microsoft PowerPoint 

Put together dynamic presentations (for your customers and also for internal use); insert graphics and screenshots; and add animations and transitions for that killer slide deck. 

Microsoft Outlook 

Manage your internal and external communications efficiently; share information; and have all your work super-organised using feature-rich Outlook. 

Microsoft Access 

We can teach you how to make data entry and viewing easy and safe. Generate forms and sub forms; perform select queries; and create labels from your database. 

Adobe Acrobat Pro training

Master the art of the PDF. We will teach you how to use this powerful document management software to get the most out of your protected documents.

  • Lock documents (preventing others from changing them)
  • Accelerate your document review processes
  • Combine files
  • Add bookmarks
  • Integrate multimedia
  • Use highlighter, sticky note, pen, and other commenting tools


(Intersys’ award-winning supply chain risk management software)

We also offer in-house training for our proprietary supply chain risk management tool SCAIR™. This software allows both risk and supply chain professionals to map critical supply points and estimate exposures (using an intuitive flowchart driven interface). SCAIR training from the Intersys team (SCAIR creators) will teach you how to:

  • Map out your critical supply points in a process flow diagram
  • Produce loss estimates for failures in your supply chain (which could result in a supply interruption)
  • Generate site and supplier risk profiles across your portfolio of products
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