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The Fixed-Fee Managed IT Support Provider

Does this scenario sound familiar? Your organisation is increasingly dependent on complex IT, yet struggles to keep things up and running. You’re looking for a solution that will take the operational burden off your hands. Only you never want to be confronted with the add-ons and hidden extras you've heard about that make costs spiral?

Intersys is an award-winning managed IT support provider that offers an all-in-one solution. And we do it for a fixed monthly fee, based on a cost per user. No hidden 'extras'. This is a transparent service based on fairness and integrity.

  • Complete support solution. We can become your external IT department covering everything from end-user support and network support to emergency IT support, IT security and cloud services.
  • Tailormade to your business.  Following an IT audit, we build a plan exactly with your needs in mind. You'll never receive boilerplate solutions; our services are always designed to your unique requirements. 
  • Fully accredited.  We hold UKAS-accredited ISO 27001 certification and we are trusted partners to global IT and software providers.
  • Saving you money. A managed IT support service is far more cost effective than employing an in-house team – and with Intersys you'll find our managed IT support costs are always upfront and affordable.
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Certified, Award-Winning & Trusted

Meet Our Partners

These are just some of the industry leaders who partner with Intersys

Enjoy These Benefits from your Managed IT Support Provider:

A new IT department. We can handle everything IT-related for you – no exceptions – freeing up time for your people to do what they do best.

A people-friendly IT team. Our team members are customer service-trained. They listen, and ask questions, until they fully understand your issues. Then they respond appropriately. Never underestimate these vital soft skills when choosing a provider!

A future-proofed business. You won't be left behind. Your dedicated engineer will work with you to formulate a roadmap to ensure your systems work efficiently now and in the future.

Quick fixes to common IT problems. Never let work grind to a halt over tricky IT problems. Get a response instantly – so your people can get back to work.

Peace of mind.  We are ISO 27001 certified and trusted by organisations of all sizes – from blue chip companies to SMEs.

Matt Kirby, Intersys IT Support

‘Managed support should be simple and transparent'

In my experience, simplicity and transparency are key to becoming a managed IT support provider that clients will appreciate. The simplicity part: we can handle everything for you, from simple troubleshooting to future strategies. The transparency part: upfront, per-device costs with no room for ambiguity. A great IT support service does not need to be complicated – it should always be about making your life easier. We've held this principle from day one and our clients stay with us for the long term.
Mark Kirby, Executive Director, Intersys Ltd

Intersys designed and implemented our cyber security defences and corporate security protocols to our exacting requirements. Thanks to them, the entire process was pain free and efficiently managed.

AviaSolutions Ltd

Intersys did a great job of gathering all the necessary data about our company’s global systems and processes, and then benchmarking it against the expected standards.

Citadel Risk

Intersys always strive to respond immediately to our calls and on more than one occasion have gone the extra mile for the benefit of our business.

Translations Business

We cannot recommend Intersys highly enough. In terms of quality of IT support, they are truly gold standard. We honestly don’t know what we would do without them.

Robert Dighton, Director

We have truly levelled up and we are delighted with Intersys’ services.

Waltham Forest Housing Association

Intersys staff are proficient, understand the education sector and, most importantly, are friendly and explain everything in layperson’s terms. 

Lesley Lapper,
Archbishop Tenison’s Church of England Sixth Form

We're Helping Clients Just Like You

Construction worker using tablet on site for IT support and services
Designer using a large touchscreen device in a home office
Doctor holding up a tablet with operation details displayed
Woman using VR headset
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Hello! We're Customer Friendly IT People

How much do soft skills matter in IT? More than you might imagine. Over the years, many IT departments have developed a reputation for developing methodologies not relationships, leaving clients feeling frustrated and unheard. Our people are customer service-trained, which means they won't process you; they'll listen to you and find a tailormade solution. We also pride ourselves on our friendly culture. It might seem like a small point, but to us it matters hugely that our people and clients enjoy talking to one another!

Moving Your IT Support to Intersys is Easy


Talk to us about your requirements

Our tailormade approach means we first develop a thorough understanding of your existing requirements. What are your challenges? What's on the wish list?

Introduce us to your existing IT team

Whether you are replacing a current provider or getting support for your IT team, we have technical and people skills to help make it a smooth transition.

Sign off our plan

We will present you with a service level agreement outlining the support you require. Once you are happy with our proposal, we're ready to go.

Keep talking to us

Situations change – and so do support requirements. We will undertake regular reviews to ensure that your plan is continuing to work for you and powering your organisation forwards.

Managed IT Support Provider: Common Questions Answered

As a managed IT support provider, what's included in your service and what might cost me extra?   
Because we create bespoke plans for every client, there's no one-size-fits-all answer to that question. However, things that will incur additional charges include 24/7 live support and deploying a team member to your site on a permanent or semi-permanent basis. Also, a security operations centre or managed security service is quite distinct from managed support (see 'What do I need to know about cyber security…' below). In any case, every managed IT support provider SLA we create outlines in detail what is and isn't included and the fees are upfront and clear. We are always transparent and fair.
How does your managed IT support provider costing work exactly?
In most case, our charges are calculated on a cost-per-user basis. This suits most clients because it usually means there is an affordable option whatever the size of their organisation. Find out more about our pricing for managed IT support.
Can we use you as our managed IT support provider alongside our own IT professionals?
Absolutely. Quite often, a client needs us to provide additional support and expertise to an existing team. We will ensure your team is fully onboard with any changes we make, and will train them in new systems or processes. Ultimately, we are team players and will work sensitively and sympathetically with your own people towards the greater good that is amazing IT!
What do I need to know about cyber security and your managed IT support provider service?
Firstly, that you are in good hands. We are primarily an IT and cyber security business – this is our speciality and we are well-respected within our industry for our approach. This means protocols will be in place for protecting your data, including regular antivirus updates and monitoring of potential threats. However, we want to make something very clear: a managed IT support provider is not a managed security service or security operations centre. These are dedicated cyber security services that go beyond the security provided by a managed IT support service. If you feel your organisation would benefit from this dedicated security approach, we can help. Get in touch with us below.
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