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Better Learning Through IT

When providing IT for schools and colleges, we ask ourselves a simple question:

What products and services can we recommend that will enhance the experience for teachers, students and parents – and help to improve learning outcomes?

It’s this solutions-led approach that ensures we never push technologies or services on you. Instead, we are focused on ensuring you have the right infrastructure in place to fully support students on the learning journey.

With this approach, your teaching staff will never view our solutions as ‘just another layer of IT’ to deal with. Instead, they’ll feel more empowered to deliver the curriculum.

The kinds of IT support for schools we offer can help your team:

Streamline workloads with solutions for assigning, receiving and marking work digitally
Discover innovative ways to deliver lessons
Closely monitor students’ work, both in class and remotely
Track students' progress over time with user-friendly software
Work efficiently, using high-performing tech - we can supply, service and upgrade devices for optimum performance
Safeguard students by restricting online access and providing search alerts
Flexible ways of working with you
Whether you need a little extra support to supplement your existing in-house IT department or a fully managed day-to-day IT service, we can help.
Fully managed IT support
From deploying infrastructure to running your helpdesk, we can take care of all your tech needs. With fully outsourced IT, you can depend on secure, reliable tech support at a transparent, affordable price. Depending on the size of your school and your IT needs, we can have multiple people on site every day.
Consultancy service
Our experienced staff can advise you with all aspects of IT strategy and investment. For example, we have helped clients with large capital projects such as school expansions, by liaising with architects and builders to ensure that the IT infrastructure is integrated from the ground up. Or maybe you simply need advice on upgrading your existing IT systems, ensuring any investment will meet technological demands in years to come.
Virtual CTO
We can act as your virtual Chief Technology Officer, making strategic decisions and only coming to you when capital expenses are involved.
Cyber security
We know how important data protection is in schools. Intersys offers a complete cyber security review, assessing the security of your systems and implementing safeguarding measures to protect you from potentially devastating attacks. Let us take care of all your security and anti-virus needs so you can focus on teaching and learning.
Curriculum tracking
Join the SEN schools who are using our award-winning software, SENtinel, a curriculum tracking solution that can help revolutionise the way you track your students’ progress.

Why choose Intersys?

Bespoke service
Whether you are a small primary school or a large multi-academy trust, we can design a package that works for you.
Cost conscious
With school budgets getting tighter, and technology playing an ever-increasing role in curricula and pedagogy, we understand the challenges facing schools and colleges. We work with you to devise a support plan that meets your needs and budget.
Certified and experienced
All of our technicians are fully accredited with many years of experience.
Security-first approach
We take security seriously – we hold UKAS accredited ISO 27001 certification.