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Ransomware Recovery Services

If you have suffered an attack, we will secure your systems and start the ransomware data recovery process

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Is Something Like This Happening to You?

You’ve seen a message such as ‘Oops, your files have been encrypted’. It’s accompanied by a ticking clock payment demand.
You can’t get into your systems – operations have ground to a halt.
You are holding important client data – if you don’t recover this information, the results will be disastrous.
Some experts are saying it could be weeks until you are up and running.

Don't Panic!

Definitely don’t consider paying. The NCSC (National Cyber Security Centre) strongly advises against the payment of ransomware . Instead, talk to our dedicated ransomware recovery services team.
Don't Pay Ransomware Demands

Rapid Ransomware Recovery Services


Undertake ransomware data recovery to restore encrypted data.


Use advanced forensic analysis to locate and eliminate threats.


Act swiftly to reduce downtime and minimise revenue loss.


Help maintain customer trust and your brand reputation.


Stop hackers from escalating their activities.


Introduce proactive measures to protect your organisation.
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Why Choose Intersys for Ransomware Recovery Services?

Solid track record

We are a dedicated cyber security provider and have tried-and-tested methodologies for removing ransomware and recovering data – fast.

Compliance expertise

We work with highly regulated industries including life sciences and financial services and can advise on your data protection obligations.

ISO 27001 Certifies

We are accredited data protection experts with the certification that proves we follow industry best practices.

Microsoft Modern Work

We are a Microsoft Modern Work Partner – a recommended provider for finding solutions with Microsoft products.

Great Communication Skills

Our team is customer-service trained – our clear communication skills will be crucial if you suffer a ransomware crisis.
I want ransomware recovery now!

Our Ransomware Response Service Includes the Following Steps:


Initial Assessment

Swiftly assess the breach's extent and impact on systems and data.


Isolate affected systems to prevent further spread of the ransomware.

Ransomware data recovery

Identify and recover encrypted data and systems using backups and/or decryption tools.

Data protection

Ensure the integrity and security of all data recovered.

Digital Forensics

Conduct thorough analysis to understand the attack's origin and methods.


Implement strategies to prevent further attacks

Post-Incident Review

Assess response effectiveness, identify areas for improvement, and enhance cybersecurity posture.

STOP Ransomware Ever Happening to You

Intersys is a security operations centre (SOC) provider, helping organisations of all sizes prevent crippling attacks – including ransomware. Here’s how we help our clients avoid the ugly scenario of getting targeted by extortionists.
  • Risk Assessment:
    Identify vulnerabilities and prioritise fixes.
  • Multi-Layered Defense:
    Secure endpoints and networks with advanced tools.
  • Email Safety:
    Filter and encrypt to thwart email-based attacks.
  • Access Control:
    Restrict data access and deploy encryption.
  • Real-Time Monitoring:
    Swiftly detect and halt ransomware attempts.
  • Secure Backups:
    Regular encrypted offsite backups for recovery.
  • Employee Training:
    Empower staff to detect and resist threats.
  • Security Updates:
    Regularly patch software to close gaps.
  • Ransomware Incidence
    Response Plan: Detailed response plan for effective action.
  • Threat Intelligence:
    Stay ahead with emerging threat insights.
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Shut Down Cyber Attacks Now!

Talk to Intersys about our ransomware recovery services or our ongoing plans to secure your systems and prevent attacks.
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