We feel quite justifiably proud of all our glowing testimonials which we think speak volumes about our commitment to client satisfaction. We look forward to seeing yours here one day…

Lesley Lapper, Archbishop Tenison’s Church of England Sixth Form

‘Proficient, friendly, and recommended wholeheartedly’

‘Our staff and students were tearing their hair out in frustration. Intersys staff are proficient, understand the education sector and, most importantly, are friendly and explain everything in layperson’s terms. All of this makes it very easy for us to recommend them wholeheartedly.’

Michael Jarrett, Head of Finance and Corporate Services

‘We have truly levelled up… delighted with Intersys’

‘Our systems are faster and more secure, and we can share and even collaborate on documents with ease. Chat and virtual conference meetings are now built into our systems functionality. We have truly levelled up and we are delighted with Intersys’ services.’

Waltham Forest Housing Association

‘With many of our people now working from home, we wanted a more proactive approach to cyber security, better reliability and more user-friendly IT systems. Intersys conducted a thorough listening and planning exercise, before moving us to a highly secure cloud-based platform. Our systems are now faster, more robust and more secure. We share and collaborate on documents with greater ease. Chat and virtual conference meetings are built into our system’s functionality. We have truly levelled up with an IT system that has markedly improved workflow and productivity. We’re delighted with the Intersys service.’

Citadel Risk
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Citadel Risk

An exceptional cyber security service

With multiple offices across the globe, cloud-based systems and close relationship with external providers, we realised creating our Cyber Risk Management Framework would require considerable expertise. Intersys did a great job of gathering all the necessary data about our company’s global systems and processes, and then benchmarking it against the expected standards.

I could certainly recommend their service and approach.

AviaSolutions Ltd
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AviaSolutions Ltd

The Intersys team stepped in and helped us to design and acquire our new system and managed the expedited separation from GE.  Thanks to them, the entire process was pain free and efficiently managed. Perhaps the greatest compliment I can give them is that none of our clients realised there had been any change in our systems, although every single element was new and created from scratch.

AviaSolutions Ltd
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AviaSolutions Ltd

Efficiently managed, pain-free cyber security

Intersys designed and implemented our cyber security defences and corporate security protocols, to our exacting requirements. This was achieved as part of the work to separate our infrastructure from a larger organisation. Thanks to them, the entire process was pain free and efficiently managed.

Hummingbird Resources

Intersys is the reliable, security-focused, IT service provider that we have been looking for. They supported our growth by driving a programme of improvement and their advice helped us to invest in new systems, thereby ensuring that we were ready to scale securely.

Whitefield Academy Trust
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Whitefield Academy Trust

I’m absolutely delighted with Intersys’ service.

Bowmed Ibisqus
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Bowmed Ibisqus

In the ever-changing I.T. World, Intersys have advised and assisted in us staying at the forefront of technology and providing solutions, an essential for today’s business leaders.

Alent PLC
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Alent PLC

From day one the team at Intersys showed excellent commitment and effort in fully understanding our hopes for the system, and bringing a pro-active approach by offering input that would enhance the final product at all stages along the way.

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We cannot recommend Intersys highly enough. In terms of quality of IT support, they are truly gold standard. We honestly don’t know what we would do without them.

Archbishop Tenison’s Church of England School
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Archbishop Tenison’s Church of England School

What is remarkable about Intersys is their determination to get things right. They combine a very strong system of remote support with a lively, personal interest and engagement with the needs of our school.

Hummingbird Resources PLC
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Hummingbird Resources PLC

Intersys is the reliable, security-focused, IT service provider that we have been looking for.

ABL Translations
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ABL Translations

We have been working with Intersys for over a decade now. This alone speaks for itself. Not only are they incredibly likeable but they are also efficient, responsive, they have a real understanding of budgetary issues and most of all they find solutions when needed. A synergy which translates into a smooth partnership: we do the translations, Intersys everything else!

Osiris Marine Services

Over the many years we’ve been with Intersys the service we have received has always been of a high professional standard, whilst retaining the atmosphere of helpful mate! We’ve often asked and received assistance from the silliest things up to complex server installations, technical set up and support. I would gladly recommend them to anyone. Thanks guys.

Eden BioDesign (part of Watson Pharmaceuticals / Actavis)

Intersys understands the needs of the Pharmaceutical industry and whether procurement, consultancy, support or software, Intersys’ full service package means we can rely on them to deliver a solution which fits our requirements.

Doc Factory Ltd

Intersys has been providing IT services to our company for the past 7 years; I find their services to be professional, efficient and reliable. Their support team is very helpful, friendly and knowledgeable with the ability to resolve and explain any IT related problems in simple and logical language!


I don’t know what to say, we at BESailing are gob smacked. I truly believe this is the best website featuring the Isle of Harris.

National Security Systems Group

NSS needs partners we can trust; Intersys adds real value to our company by simply understanding our requirements and delivering great service with minimal fuss. It makes doing business a pleasure!


Website developers are ten a penny – good website developers are not! The first class professional service that InterSys provided was refreshing and delivered the goods for us.

Purple Vigilance

Intersys always provide fast, friendly advice and assistance on all IT related matters however small. The team combine detailed knowledge with excellent customer service and I would confidently recommend them to support companies whatever their size!

Whites of St Ives Holiday Cottages

Matt and his team understood our needs and gave us the right website site design and content for our business. This came complete with the support we needed to make the most of what they have produced for us.

Whites of St Ives, cottageholidaystives.co.uk

Your technician has been great. Very patient and helpful. He helped me all the way along and didn’t mind explaining in terms I could understand. His good humour was much appreciated too. He really is a credit to your business and yet again I can say I have had a great service from Intersys.

Trident Tax

We would have no hesitation in recommending Matthew Geyman and his team at Intersys. A very professional, reliable and personalised IT service – excellent attention to detail.

Coton & Hamblin

Since appointing InterSys to overhaul our complete computer system we’ve achieved a more fluid working system between the practices and also produced a factual website which is highly user-friendly and has achieved a rise in our patient base. The whole process is highly professional at all stages and made to suit our individual needs.


You and your team’s efforts were outstanding.

FISU, www.fisu.org

It was my first experience with Intersys and from the very first conversation I knew FISU was going to be looked after by an expert with a very professional service. I needed my server decommissioned as it was 13 years old and moving to Office 365 in the Cloud. Jake was fabulous and made everything seem so easy (when I had seriously struggled). I was looking for honest, expertise and I am very glad I found these guys as they delivered on every word. Great job – thank you!

Offshore Marine Management

You guys really care about and understand our business. Thanks for all your hard work!

Generic Pharmaceutical Industry

Intersys helped us achieve operational efficiencies with a fit for purpose, legislation compliant and resilient solution supported by a dedicated team. Consequently it was one aspect of the business that I no longer needed to worry about.

Whites of St Ives – Property Letting

When we started receiving 1000’s of unwanted Mail Delivery System emails and we were going particularly crazy on the day we received 160,000 of them, there was only one place to go for help – Intersys Consultancy. A big thank you to everyone at Intersys. Great service as always!


We try and do our own IT trouble-shooting at Hackney Training & Employment Network, but we have Matthew and his team at InterSys to call on if the problem is beyond our ability to solve. We have no hesitation in recommending the InterSys service.

www.mangetoutbaby.com (eCommerce)

I would definitely recommend Matthew and his company Intersys. For the last two years Intersys has been providing hosting services and support for my company and Matthew and his team have always been of great help, with a very reliable and personal support whenever needed. What I particularly appreciate with Intersys is the quality of communications with all members of staff, as well as the service delivered.

Frost & Sullivan

I have worked with InterSys on a few occasions over the years and can highly recommend them. Always professional, always there.


When your husband deletes the whole content of the desktop he doesn’t use but contains all your work invoices, end of year information, referral letters, triage outcomes and just anything that’s important work wise to do with your business (not his but mine) am I entitled to pour a bucket of water over his Mac, hit him over head with saucepan or both. Wine is the short term answer, Intersys Consultancy is the solution!

CME Media Services Ltd

I have had the pleasure of dealing with InterSys over many years. Matt, Richard and the team at InterSys are always there in your moment of need. I have never hesitated in recommending InterSys to people who require both IT consultancy and Risk management services.

Atlas Services Group

As usual you have taken ownership of the issue and informed us in detail. I think many Dutch companies can take an example of the services you are providing us with.

Ubuntu Education Fund

You guys are awesome and I know you’re always trying to help us where you can, so thank you :)

Arrow (Watson) Pharmaceuticals

Intersys has supported us since 2003, with trusted technical expertise and management of complex integration projects. Intersys ensures the technical solution always fulfils the business need (not vice versa).

Bowmed Ibisqus Ltd

It is difficult for me to capture in words the high value that we place on Intersys supporting the business.

Beal High School

It’s been great to have Intersys’ expert team to rely on, we’ve made huge leaps forward and the entire school team feels reinvigorated and positive.Intersys helped me to grow and improve my own skills. The personal touch includes solutions which are tailored to the school’s requirements (not the other way around). It’s amazing how much we’ve achieved together.

Forsyth Simpson LLP Solicitors

Your work speaks for itself – i.e. brilliant, I can’t give a negative comment!

Office Storage Solutions

Office Storage Solutions Limited have been using InterSys for all of our IT requirements for the last 3 years. InterSys have always responded quickly and resolved any of our IT issues promptly.

Multi Academy Trust

Intersys provides us with an exemplary IT managed service, that as a growing Trust is vital on both strategic and operational levels. They have become vital members of our team and offer us a perception and insight that informs many of our operational solutions including IT. The day to day management of our school systems is efficient, professional and extremely positive. The Intersys team are enthusiastic, helpful and responsive to our needs. I would recommend them wholeheartedly.

Mach 2 Shipping Ltd

With every ten great things which new developments in IT bring to our working environment, there are usually nine problems which accompany these! Working in hundreds of different international markets here at Mach 2, we cannot afford to be offline at any time of the day, as there will always be one country at work and looking for information or answers from us. And for that very reason we count ourselves very fortunate to have the immediate back-up of Intersys, there to help keep our business alive in times of technological breakdown with its thorough understanding of all our needs!

Alpha, Alent PLC

Working with Intersys we integrated 4 European stencil manufacturing facilities on to single platform, resulting in significant reductions in the Sales Administration resource required to run our business, simpler sharing of our capacity across the 4 sites and automated links to our other business systems… From day 1 the team at Intersys showed excellent commitment and effort in fully understanding our hopes for the system, bringing a pro-active approach by offering input that would enhance the final product at all stages along the way. Their whole team’s approach was open, friendly and sought always to deliver what was best, not just for our immediate needs but with the foundations for future functional expansion built in.

Hedge Fund – London

I highly recommend Matthew Geyman and InterSys – The best IT company I have worked with in London! Reliable, professional, committed, excellent customer care, personal and tailored service. The whole team at InterSys has high expertise in the field. Simply the best!

MD: Offshore Marine Management, Offshore Marine Academy, Floating Cable Tank, CAOMM

Running a complex organisation of multiple companies, I need corporate IT services to work with me and to scale with all of my businesses, smoothly and without fuss. Intersys’ Managed Service has been significantly easier to manage, more cost effective and more responsive than the equivalent service from permanent support staff. The skills go far beyond just IT and I know I can trust these guys to keep us running and growing.

Osiris Marine Services

InterSys have recently completed a much needed upgrade and vast improvement to our IT system. Their flexible approach to our needs has enable us to continue operations without loss of production, we will definitely use their services in the future.

NMC Surfacing

The team have been extremely pleased with the work and support your guys have given us so far and I look forward to developing a long relationship with you and your team.


Colleagues always comment on Jake’s knowledge and have noticed that he goes the extra mile. He follows things through to the end and always looks for solutions to complete the task asked of him. Jake is a pleasure to work with, he communicates effectively, he gets our culture, he is always polite and courteous.

Resolution Chemicals Limited

Highly recommended! Their knowledge encompasses the small requirements through to the more complex solutions; a extremely good company to work with; the team at Intersys are very approachable and are completely professional… they take great care with our network.

Whitefield Academy Trust.

I’m absolutely delighted with Intersys’ service.

the Westminster Foundation for Democracy.

Intersys have exceeded our expectations. The team have been clear about their recommendations, very cost-conscious and a pleasure to work with. They have been key to improving both security and service for our teams.

Alfresco Group PLC

I have been using Intersys for several years now, as my business has grown in size so have my IT requirements. Intersys have supported me along the way with their expert knowledge and know how on system requirements and unrivalled back up support. People have always been on hand at a drop of a hat when required. Speed is of the essence with IT and they certainly provide this – Strongly recommended.


We have used Intersys since 2016 when they were required to install a completely new IT system at our charity. From the outset, we were amazed at their professionalism, friendliness, competence and patience. The system they installed is perfect – they worked around us in really difficult conditions (we are a long way from nice, tidy and quiet offices!). Their ongoing support is incredible – it is so efficient, effective and compassionate (I say compassionate because we often bombard them with ridiculously silly support requests and they are always so patient and caring about our needs and lack of knowledge). We cannot recommend Intersys highly enough. In terms of quality of IT support, they are truly gold standard. We honestly don’t know what we would do without them.

Bowmed Ibisqus

Breaking out a fledgling company from a large multinational pharmaceutical company was difficult enough, however having been introduced to Matthew and his team, the IT and Communications element of the change could not have been easier and trouble free. We have now worked with Intersys for the last 10 years and seen their business grow as we have also grown in our own fields. In all this time, the excellent service at almost any time has never waivered. Many of my staff have to work remotely and it is essential that contact is maintained at all times in order for us to service the hospital sector of the NHS. Intersys give us the support as and when necessary to ensure that we can confidently meet this challenge. In the ever changing I.T. World, Intersys have advised and assisted in us staying at the forefront of technology and providing solutions, an essential for today’s business leaders.

Archbishop Tenison’s Church of England School

We are increasingly impressed with the depth of the work you are doing

Hummingbird Resources

Intersys is the reliable, security focussed, IT service provider that we have been looking for. They supported our growth by driving a programme of improvement and their advice helped us to invest in new systems, thereby ensuring that we were ready to scale securely.