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VCISO Services and Virtual CTO Services

Develop Your Business with Executive IT Expertise — at Rates that Make Sense

Imagine you could instantly access mature IT CEOs to analyse your organisation’s cyber security, resilience and operational efficiency.

Then imagine those services – which would provide security for your business and save you money – could be called on only when needed, so you avoided costly fees.

Intersys is a leader in offering VCISO services (virtual chief information security officer services) and Virtual CTO services (chief technical officer services). We work with businesses that see the sense in bringing in senior-level IT talent who can have a transformational impact in a cost-effective way.

Why Choose Intersys for VCISO Services and Virtual CTO Services?

High-Level Expertise

Consultancy, advice and leadership at the highest level from mature CEOs backed up by a team of qualified IT professionals.

Improved Security and Operational Resilience

High-level protection and streamlined processes for your business.

Cost Effective

No expensive hirings: a flexible consultancy service, tailored to your requirements. We can offer an interim service between hirings, project set up, or ongoing company-wide services.

Wide Experience

In-depth knowledge across many IT areas including governance, cybersecurity, and business development.

Award Winning

A multi-award-winning provider well-respected in the industry and among clients.

Fully Qualified and Accredited

We conform to ISO 27001, the international standard setting out a best practice framework for an information security management system, and hold a Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP).

What Our VCISO Services Involve

A virtual chief information security officer from Intersys will provide expert advice, planning and leadership to ensure your business maintains watertight cyber security and complete complicance. He or she will have a team of CISSP and ISO27001 certified engineers to implement your strategy.

  • A comprehensive cyber security strategy to protect your business. This involves reviewing your current strategy and developing robust security policies and procedures to fully protect your business.
  • Ongoing testing to maintain security. Sophisticated penetration testing will regularly assess your system’s effectiveness.
  • Complete compliance with regulations, to avoid penalties. Ensuring your cyber-security meets ISO27000 and PCI DSS standards.
  • Minimising internal cyber security threats. Internal errors or substandard practice are one of the biggest threats to businesses. We can train your people in best practice cyber security.
  • Sourcing the right products, at the right price. We can help you find ‘perfect fit’ products for your cyber-security strategy and secure sizable discounts from our partners.
  • Recruiting the right talent, to help maintain your strategy. We can use our expertise to find the right people to help you manage your cyber security at the day-to-day level.
  • Breach response, to minimise damage. A rapid response to eliminate threats, investigate causes and get your business back on track.

What Our Virtual CTO Services Involve

Many businesses simply fail to keep up with changing IT requirements or spend huge amounts of time firefighting IT problems that – quite simply – aren’t their area of expertise. 

A virtual chief technical officer (CTO) service can be a cost-effective way to bring in high-level expertise and consultancy, to address these challenges in an efficient, cost-effective way without paying out for a permanent position.

Services and benefits can include:

  • Reporting on current IT performance, to identify challenges. We will analyse your existing systems, assessing where IT is working correctly and where new processes or hardware will benefit the business.
  • Developing policies and strategies for efficiency and growth. Creating a strategy that aligns your IT needs with your business goals, maximising efficiencies and opportunities and ultimately profits.
  • Efficient and organised roll out of new tech. A planned approach to implementing your infrastructure, to enhance user experience and affordability.
  • High-level consultancy, for business growth. Participating in management meetings and decisions regarding IT, including spotting cutting-edge trends and opportunities for your business and ensuring compliance.
  • Vendor management. Ensuring the best products and services, and deals. We speak your vendors’ language, so let us help you assess their suitability in terms of product and price.
  • Colleague training, to maximise efficiency. We have the expertise and communication skills to get your people on board with technology.
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