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Hybrid PBX Provider

Stay Connected and Maintain Control with Cloud-Hosted
and On-Premise Phone Systems

A hybrid PBX phone system from Intersys provides a full, modern phone comms package with infrastructure owned and controlled by you.

PBX Phone Systems

Hybrid PBX Provider Services

A hybrid private branch exchange (PBX) phone system will help your business optimise internal and external communications, using a combination of voice over IP and analogue systems.

The functionality is vast. You can:

  • Integrate your phone systems with third-party web applications and software
  • route, transfer and queue calls
  • provide employees access to phone systems remotely using a mobile.

Many providers offer a fully remote solution, which involves zero physical assets. While this might be right for some businesses, as a PBX provider we (and many of our loyal customers) believe that a hybrid solution is optimal.

By housing infrastructure at your premises, you not only get the benefits of modern PBX systems, but you also own and control your asset. This means that you house and control all data, you can revert to analogue calls if the internet goes down, and you can control your own security.

The case for working with a hybrid PBX provider offering a hybrid solution is compelling. If you’d like to talk to an award-winning IT leader about introducing this modern, optimal system to your business, we’re ready to talk.

Benefits: Why choose a Hybrid PBX System?

Increase Productivity

Deliver features available to traditional phone systems. 

Reduce Downtime

Unlike fully cloud-based systems, a hybrid PBX system has no single point of failure – in the event of internet downtime, you can revert to analogue and maintain phones.

Maintain Control

Owning your PBX assets means you are not reliant on an external provider (that may increase rates or change terms of service).

Better Security

No need to rely on a cloud provider to enact security protocols – YOU choose your security settings. (As your PBX provider, Intersys, an award-winning cyber security specialist, can provide invaluable advice.)

More adaptable

Your IT team will have more control over the system, so it can be set up exactly to your requirements

Lower working costs

While investing in infrastructure will be a larger initial outlay, in the long run owning your PBX infrastructure will be cheaper.

Your Hybrid PBX Phone System: Core Functionalities 

CRM Integration

Connect your IP-PBX phone system with third-party web applications and software. For example, you can link your call centre to a separate CRM system. 

Call routing and transferring 

Decide where calls should be directed and set rules for each extension. This can include IVR (interactive voice response) and auto attendant facilities, where callers are routed according to user inputs. 

Queue calls 

Queue inbound calls to individual departments and play either music or marketing messages as the caller waits. 

Mobile extension 

Use your mobile phone as a PBX extension. This provides employees with remote access to your IP-PBX phone system using an internet connection. 

Modern comms integration 

Use your PBX hybrid solution for conferencing and video meetings. 

Monitoring and reporting 

Get at-a-glance analytics of response times, call volume and length, and more, to help you optimise operations. 

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Why Choose Intersys as Your Hybrid PBX Provider?

  • The Friendly IT Company
    We are customer service-trained and will make your transition to a hybrid PBX phone system a pleasant and pain-free journey. We are THE friendly IT company!
  • Industry Leading Services
    The industry votes our IT services the best again and again. We have won the top spot in the European IT & Software Excellence Awards in 2018, 2019, 2021 and 2022.
  • Microsoft Gold Partners
    We hold Microsoft Gold and Silver competencies, which gives you the assurance you are working with the very best. Don’t accept any less.
  • The Security Specialists
    Your PBX phone system will be installed by one of the industry’s leaders in IT security – giving you the peace of mind that your systems will meet best practice security standards.

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