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A rapid response service for subscription and pay-as-you-go clients

Contact us on our emergency IT support phone number: 020 3005 4440 
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You Need Emergency IT Support. What Happens Next?

Tell us your problem

Call us on 020 3005 4440 or email us at You’ll speak to a certified and customer service-trained IT professional.*

Get a transparent price

If you’re not on our IT support contract, we’ll clearly describe our pay-as-you-go costs before going ahead.

Get a rapid response

We’ll aim to respond within 30 minutes and have critical issues solved within 120 minutes, so you can be back up and running. We also offer full 24 hours IT support.

Remote and onsite delivery

In most cases, we’ll solve your issue remotely. For clients in the South, we may also offer rapidly deployed onsite support.

Stop it happening again

We will take any actions necessary to ensure you don’t encounter the same problem again.
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*Business hours only for pay-as-you-go clients. Contract clients can arrange for 24-hour cover.

This is what customers say about our Emergency IT support

I was looking for honest, expertise and I am very glad I found these guys as they delivered on every word. Great job – thank you! FISU
Intersys’ professional and fast response resolved our urgent requirement quickly Codehouse
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Get Emergency IT Support for These Problems Now

Ransomware, phishing and viruses
ALL other cyber security issues
Networking problems
Email servers down
SQL database problems
Business critical data loss
Printing and scanning failures
Hardware and system failures
Slow and unresponsive hardware
Any other IT issue
Get me emergency support now!

Why Intersys for Emergency IT support?

Solving Your IT Problem

Our computer emergency support team are trained to a high standard in both technical skills and customer service.

Minimising Downtime

For all clients (subscription and pay-as-you-go) we will deploy a fix rapidly within normal working hours. 24-hour support is available to subscription customers – ask us.

Repelling Cyber Attacks

When your emergency is a cyber attack, you’ll want more than generalist IT support. We are an award-winning cyber-security provider that can firmly shut out criminals.

Solving Everything Microsoft

We know Microsoft products inside out and we are holders of Microsoft Solutions Partner for Modern Work. We will solve even the trickiest issues related to this software.

Safeguarding Your Data

Our ISO 27001 certification proves we are committed to and capable of maintaining best practice and high-security standards for IT security. Accept nothing less.

Trusted by Your Peers

We work for everything from blue chip companies in highly regulated industries to SMEs. Please look at some of our case studies to see our range of clients.

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Industries We Help with Emergency IT Support

  • Solicitors firms
  • Corporate finance consultants
  • Retail outlets
  • Charities and NGOs
  • Schools and colleges
  • Investment management companies
  • City libraries
  • Life sciences firms
  • & many, many more

Emergency IT Support: Pay as You Go or Subscription?

If you would like to upgrade from occasional, pay-as-you-go emergency IT support to a cost-effective plan, find out about our various support agreements. Visit our managed service provider page or talk to us directly about a bespoke plan for you.

How Our Emergency IT Support Service Works:

Immediate Contact: As soon as you experience an IT emergency, contact our computer emergency support team on 020 3005 4440 or email us at
Initial Assessment: Our team of experienced IT professionals will perform an initial assessment to understand the severity and nature of the issue. This helps us determine the appropriate level of urgency and resources required to address the problem effectively.
Remote Assistance: In many cases, we can resolve IT emergencies remotely. Our team will use secure remote access tools to troubleshoot and fix the problem directly on your affected devices or systems. This approach allows us to address the issue without any delay, saving valuable time.
On-Site Support (if required): If the issue cannot be resolved remotely, we will dispatch a team of skilled technicians to your location for on-site support (available to London, Essex, Cambridgeshire clients). Our technicians come prepared with the necessary tools and expertise to diagnose and fix the problem promptly.
Continuous Monitoring: Once the initial emergency is resolved, we don't stop there. Our computer emergency support team will continue to monitor your systems closely to ensure there are no lingering issues or potential vulnerabilities that could lead to future emergencies. Proactive monitoring helps prevent future disruptions.
Documentation and Reporting: Throughout the entire process, we keep detailed records of the emergency and the steps taken to address it. After resolving the issue, we will provide you with a comprehensive report that outlines the incident, the actions taken, and any recommendations for preventing similar emergencies in the future.
Follow-up and Customer Care: Our team will follow up with you to ensure that everything is running smoothly after the emergency resolution. Note that we also offer IT support 24 hours per day and remote monitoring services for IT systems.
I need emergency IT support now.

Commonly Questions Answered

What is emergency IT support?
Emergency IT support provides rapid assistance to address critical issues in a computer or network. A good provider will resolve urgent technical problems promptly, ensuring minimal downtime and preventing disruptions to business operations. An emergency IT support service will deal with unexpected IT emergencies such as system failures, data breaches or network outages.

Our emergency IT support phone number is 020 3005 4440.
How quickly can I expect a response when facing an IT emergency?
We’ll typically respond within 30 minutes and solve critical issues within two hours. Depending on your issue, we resolve problems either remotely or onsite for clients in the southeast.
Why is a disaster recovery plan essential for businesses?
A disaster recovery plan (DRP) is a step-by-step guide revealing what to do in the event of a crisis. It is essential for businesses as it ensures continuity, protects data from loss, mitigates risks, meets compliance requirements and provides financial protection by minimising downtime.

However, we won’t leave you high and dry if you don’t have one in place. We’ll work to get you up and running as quickly as we can. We’ll also provide you with some advice on setting up a DRP, to protect you in the future.
How can I ensure my data is properly backed up?
This is the right question to ask. Ensuring you have your data backed up could save you from a world of pain in the event of an IT emergency. Steps to take include:

Identifying a data manager within your organisation, to take responsibility for back-ups.
Understanding your data loss risk.
Identifying clear objectives for your data back-up plan.
Following the 3-2-1 rule: Make at least three copies of the data; use two different storage formats; ensure at least one copy is stored offsite.

Intersys offers complete cloud backup services including disaster recovery. We've also written a useful blog post about why you must start your business data backup plan now.
How do you ensure data safety during an emergency?
Ensuring data safety during an emergency involves following data integrity best practice. Intersys is an ISO 27001-certifed cyber security and IT compliance expert. All of our team undergoes appropriate training in data handling and follows tried-and-tested procedures for data recovery.
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