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A cyber security gap analysis provides an organisation with insights into its approaches and vulnerabilities. When undertaken by an experienced cyber security provider, it offers deep insights and actionable steps for bolstering your defences.

If you come from a highly regulated industry or one that requires exceptional security – or if you have suffered a breach and been ordered by a regulator to improve security – you will welcome this rigorous and forensic analysis from an expert. It will provide you with the roadmap you need to stay safe, and compliant with regulators.

Here's why you should choose Intersys:
  • A cyber security gap analysis from Intersys is not a simple ‘risk assessment’. Your analysis is delivered according to leading frameworks such as the NIST Framework, ISO27001, GDPR, SOC2, HIPAA or PCI DSS.
  • We are cyber security experts with a division of our business solely dedicated to cyber security.
  • We provide security services to highly regulated industries that require the most scrupulous security standards. See a case study.
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Cyber Security Gap Analysis: the Benefits

Repel Attacks

Cyber attackers look for weaknesses in your systems. A cyber security gap analysis will highlight these weaknesses and – providing you address the problem – bolster your defences and keep the criminals out.

Ensure Compliance

A gap analysis will locate compliance issues before you fall foul of the authorities. This will protect you from sanctions and reputational damage. We also help organisations who have been mandated to make changes.

Eradicate Outdated Security Measures

Criminals love outdated practices. A gap analysis will help you to eliminate superseded or extraneous security approaches that may be creating holes in your defences or slowing down your systems.

Improve your Security Culture

A cyber security gap analysis will encourage your organisation to think seriously about cyber security. You’ll have clear action plans as a result of your analysis, helping colleagues put security front and centre going forward.

What’s the Difference Between a Cyber Security Gap Analysis and a Security Audit?

A security audit will look at your current practices and make recommendations for improvement. A gap analysis will measure your current performance against an established framework, to reveal where you have gaps according to that best practice framework. It focuses less on what you are currently doing and more on aligning your practice with the very highest standards. Find out more about a cyber security audit and the difference between the two.

Cyber Security Services

How does the Process Work?


Comprehensive audits

During this phase, we audit your organisation’s network infrastructure and centralised device management platforms that support Windows, Mac and other hardware, and your cloud services as applicable. Investigations will cover (but are not limited to): antivirus software, disc encryption, remote management, update schedules, device audits, password policies, account creation security, alerting protocols, procedures, and more.

A user-friendly threat dashboard

We use cutting-edge cyber security auditing software called Cyban to scan all devices and systems. As well as informing our processes, it presents you with a user-friendly dashboard that delivers clear insights into data at risk. It quantifies the cost and likelihood of data lost, provides monthly risk reports and recommendations, and even provides an overall and device-level cyber score. Essentially, it’s putting invaluable knowledge into your hands.

Actionable next steps:

Your cyber security gap analysis will:
1) Provide a methodical review of your relevant people, processes and technologies.
2) Assess your information security and identify areas that require attention.
3) Deliver an actionable report highlighting security gaps measured against recognised standards AND your specific objectives. This is never a box-ticking exercise and always a route to ensuring your organisation is safer and more compliant.

Clear reports

Next, we create a report and a threat matrix document. These documents are detailed but written in everyday language and accessible to all people in your organisation. The Matrix is a ‘living document’ that should be updated on a regular basis, to help you track and mitigate risk. Each risk is added to a register with suggested actions. The register includes a likely threat and impact level for each potential risk, so stakeholders can prioritise remediation actions.
For continuity and consistency, Intersys can help you with remediation of any gaps identified.
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