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SCAIR® Pharma Supply Chain Risk Management Software

Used by world-leading pharmaceutical companies - ready to strengthen your supply chain now


Our team works with many life sciences clients, including FTSE 100-listed businesses and global names in insurance and reinsurance.


SCAIR® was the first pharma supply chain risk management software in the UK and a winner of a Business Insurance Innovation Award.


SCAIR®’s lead designer played a key role in an industry-wide supply chains risk project with University of Cambridge, GSK and Astra Zeneca.

Who is SCAIR® for?

Developed by Intersys, SCAIR® is an award-winning supply chain risk management software for highly regulated industries in the pharmaceuticals sector.
Pharmaceutical organisations are becoming increasingly concerned about supply chain disruptions that could threaten their business.

Weak links in supply chains can become disastrous in the event of drug shortages due to conflict, climate incidents or political and economic instability.

Meanwhile, governments across the world are proposing increasingly stringent supply chain compliance regulations. America’s proposed new MAPS Act is a case in point.

Our product can help you protect your profits and develop a competitive edge.
‘I think the real benefit of SCAIR® is that it is a simple and effective tool that helps to make sense of a complex area of risk, cutting down significantly on the amount of management time and expense required.’
— Consulting Lead from multinational insurance and reinsurance provider

What does SCAIR® do?

SCAIR® is a sophisticated supply chain mapping tool that helps organisations visualise their global, end-to-end supply chains. Its unique flow-chart-driven structure allows you to map supply chains, quantify business interruption losses, and stress test different supply chain contingency scenarios.

SCAIR® can help you:

Assess current risk

Undertake supply node risk assessments and prioritisation plans. Generate site and supplier risk profiles across a business' entire profile.

Visually map supply chains

Get an intuitive view of end-to-end supply chains, critical supply points, and their relationships.

Assess threat impacts

Produce accurate business interruption loss estimates for potential supply chain disruptions.

Stress test supply chains

Model multiple threat scenarios (physical, commercial, natural disaster) and quantify the impact of risk mitigation.

Programme insurance

Leverage data for insurance programme design.

Respond to threats

Via natural disaster and regulatory compliance alerts.

How will SCAIR® benefit my business?

Discover how supply chain disruptions can impact product sales and market share. Then improve your supply chain decision-making, by focusing on the value at risk.

Protect Profits

SCAIR® enables finance, risk, and supply chain managers to calculate the cost of business interruption losses should a critical supply point be lost, by drawing on existing business data.

Transform Strategies

Our consultancy will help you integrate SCAIR® for maximum benefit. We can also sensitively refine your existing strategies or offer deep-dive consultation to ensure you are resilient.

Develop a Competitive Edge

The latest version of SCAIR® offers practical and visual tools, such as our downstream stock calculator and supply chain process flow diagrams, to help you rapidly develop strategic insights.

Read SCAIR® case studies

See how SCAIR® has helped blue-chip pharmaceutical companies tackle risks associated with climate change, extreme weather events and more.
View SCAIR® Case Studies

Getting SCAIR® up and running is easy

Choose SCAIR® and you’ll enjoy a detailed level of consultancy from experts who work with life sciences and highly regulated industries. We can help you solve these challenges:

We’re concerned about integrating our data with SCAIR®

Leave the hard work to us. We can perform the challenging task of piecing together internal data sources and expert opinion from departments within your organisation.

We don’t know if our current strategy is good enough.

Ask our supply chain risk experts to review and test existing supply chain risk management business processes to ensure they are thoroughly optimised.

We don’t know how to get buy-in from colleagues for SCAIR®

You need evidence. We can perform a pilot study that focuses on specific products or areas important to your organisation, to give you a case for roll-out.
By choosing our product, you’ll get the tools you need to make assessing supply chain risk both more accurate and more easy to manage. And you’ll have access to specialist supply chain risk management consultants who regularly work with blue-chip pharmaceutical organisations.

Find out more about how SCAIR® can protect your profits and help you develop a competitive edge.

Visit the SCAIR® website
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