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The threat is out there. More and more organisations are experiencing devastating breaches. Your first line of defence must be a cyber security specialist with the experience and credentials to keep you protected. Intersys is that specialist. Here’s why:


  • The right accreditations. We provide UKAS-accredited ISO 270001-certified cyber security services. Our partners include leading security organisations including Cyber Essentials Plus, WatchGuard, Cyberoam and more.
  • Leading industry experience. Highly regulated organisations from life sciences, financial services and education come to us, because they know we are meticulous security and compliance experts.
  • The right methodologies. Cyber criminals are organised. You must be too. Our cyber security services follow industry-standard methodologies regarding threat protection, threat detection, incident response, and planning. Never settle for less.
  • A specialist approach. Intersys is a specialist cyber security provider. While we also serve our clients with high-level consultancy, software development and support, everything that we do is built on a foundation of security expertise.
  • Customer service trained. Cyber security may be a serious subject, but we bring a personable approach to our heavy-duty service via our customer-service trained team. We’ll explain our approach in lay person’s terms. We’ll work closely with your own IT team.  

Our Cyber Security Services

From breach response services to fully managed security, we can help keep you safe.

Security Operations Centre

Deploy our Silver, Gold or Platinum SOC service to enjoy the very highest level of security available. We will prevent, detect and respond to cyber threats – 24/7.

Managed Cyber Security

By outsourcing your cyber security services, you get full protection from even the most recent threats. We’ll upskill your people in cyber security too.

Cyber Security Audit

We can undertake a comprehensive analysis and review of your IT, to detect threats and vulnerabilities, and any practices that are putting you at risk.

PEN Testing

Are you secure? We will conduct ethical hacking to stress-test your systems, and understand the vulnerabilities in your systems, networks and websites.

Breach Response

We will stop any breaches, assess damage, perform a security audit and update your recovery plan. And we will do it fast

Cyber Security Training

One of the best defences against the bad guys is a security-aware workforce. Our friendly team will encourage them to adopt practices that keep you safe.

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We are Fully Accredited and Partner with Leading Cyber Security Organisations


Working with Our Cyber Security Services Can Help You:

Plan for the latest high-tech security threats
We have our ears to the ground. We will almost certainly know about new threats before they hit the headlines. You will be prepared – and protected.

Ensure your people are working safely from home
The pandemic and the WFH set-ups that followed have led to a field day for cyber criminals. Let’s put an end to that by ensuring your people are working in a secure environment that keeps criminals out.

Comply with important regulations
Following cyber security best practice will keep you on the right side of the law. We are experts in security compliance and have an in-depth knowledge of many highly regulated sectors. We will devise a plan to suit your requirements.

Train your people
Emails, social media, instant messaging and texts are all used by cyber criminals to trick people into sharing data. Only they won’t trick your people. Because our cyber security services can include training your staff in security best practice.

Augment your own IT department
We can work with and train your own IT department to enhance your cyber security. It’s never an ‘us versus them’ approach. We can collaborate and educate to help create a legacy of best practice.

Get methodical about cyber security
You need to be smarter, faster and more organised than the criminals. You need a cogent plan. Talking to Intersys is the first step towards making that plan.

Mark Kirby, Executive Director

‘Cyber criminals are sophisticated – you must be too’

Generic cyber security advice from your own IT department or a generalist provider just isn’t going to cut it. We are living in an age when specialist cyber criminals are using highly sophisticated attacks, on multiple fronts, to get their hands on your data. You must turn to a specialist provider that understands the whole cyber security landscape and can implement an integrated plan around prevention, detection, and rapid response to potentially damaging incidents. Believe me, you will sleep better at night knowing Intersys has your back.
Mark Kirby, Executive Director

We're Helping Clients Just Like You

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Read an Intersys case study

Intersys designed and implemented our cyber security defences and corporate security protocols to our exacting requirements. Thanks to them, the entire process was pain free and efficiently managed.

AviaSolutions Ltd

Intersys were extremely thorough and diligent when it came to identifying risks that could significantly disrupt our operations and in prioritising mitigating actions and proportionate response plans. A highly specialised and professional service which we will continue to use.

Group Financial Controller,
Hummingbird PLC

Intersys did a great job of gathering all the necessary data about our company’s global systems and processes, and then benchmarking it against the expected standards.

Citadel Risk

4 Steps to Gold Standard Security with Intersys


PROTECT: IT and cyber security threat protection

From sourcing the right cyber and IP assurance to expert system monitoring and intrusion protection, we can create the necessary IT and cyber security safeguards to ensure your data stays safe.

DETECT: IT & cyber threat detection

We help identify and remediate threats before they become incidents. Not only do we hunt for signs of malicious activity, we also identify vulnerabilities in your infrastructure that hackers could exploit in any future attacks.

RESPOND:  IT & cyber incident response

Should an anomalous event occur, our experts will deploy on-site assistance to contain the situation and lock down your systems against attack. We respond quickly, to keep you protected.


PLAN:  IT & cyber security planning

Our cyber security services can help you plan for a broad range of internal and external threats. Services include policy and forensic readiness planning, staff training and compliance.

Common Cyber Security Services Questions Answered

How do I know I can trust you with my IT?
Because we have the experience to prove it. Companies offering cyber security services rise and fall quickly, but we have played a prominent role in the industry for 25 years. This is backed up by our formal credentials, which meet the highest industry standards – including ISO 27001 certification, an internationally recognised accreditation for information security. Why not read some testimonials from our long-standing customers. They come from all sectors, including highly security-conscious areas such as education, life sciences and financial services.  
How will your cyber security services work with my existing IT team?
This is a very good question. Organisations often feel some anxiety about collaborating with a third-party cyber security provider. Where will your own IT team fit in? It really needn’t be a problem. Our people are customer-service trained and know that the best outcome for you is the one that empowers and upskills your own team. We won’t ‘parachute in and out’, bypassing your people. We will work with them to leave you a lasting legacy of good cyber security practice.
Isn’t this all going to be very expensive?
No, it’s scalable. By that we mean we can find a payment model for you based on the size of your organisation – usually it’s a price per device. So, whatever your budget, there is almost certainly going to be a plan for you. This plan will be coming from a cyber security specialist very much focused on providing a service, not making sales. This ethical approach has been in our DNA since we started 25 years ago, and we really encourage you to put our integrity to the test by giving us a call and asking for a quote!
Friendly Cyber Security Expert

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