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Available NOW: Hardware and Software Expertise and Sales

Intersys Hardware and Software Sales – Strategy, Purchasing and Deployment. What Do You Need?

Servers, notebooks, printers, UTM devices (Unified Threat Management), firewalls… Whatever you’re looking for, Intersys can supply it, quickly and at an affordable price.

We resell almost every conceivable bit of IT equipment. Demand is high because a lot of the new ‘state-of-the-art’ gear out there available to buy is, well, not all that good at all, not when it really comes down to it.

Common Problems Purchasers Encounter Include:

• Hardware being ‘unproven’ – new brands result in new experiences with hardware (often bad experiences!)

• Only having reviews to rely upon when making a purchasing decision – You should always discuss your requirements with your service provider and hardware supplier

• Biased sales staff (and the option to actually talk to a human being when purchasing from an online store not always being there)

• Sales staff lacking in-depth knowledge

• Sales staff trying to convince you to ‘scrap’ your current PC, printer or other piece of hardware and to invest in something brand spanking new instead – this is rarely necessary. OK, your current equipment might be on its last legs but that doesn’t mean you have to shell out an absolute fortune for a shiny new replacement.

At Intersys, we have been around long enough to know that some manufacturers create equipment that is simply not worth the outlay. We also know which hardware falls into the ‘must-have’ category (equipment that is easier to support or more reliable in the long-term and therefore the Total Cost of Ownership is lower for you).

When it comes to computer hardware, we’re only interested in providing you with exactly what you need, at an affordable price. 

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And that’s not all…

Software Sales
Intersys also leads the pack when it comes to the procurement and deployment of software for companies across the UK.

Businesses turn to us because they already have enough on their plates without having to deal with researching, purchasing, deploying and then supporting the right software for them. More often than not, it’s simply too much hassle.

If you too find all this ‘software stuff’ complicated, time-consuming, and, well, a bit of a headache, get in touch with us – we’ll take care of it.

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