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Office 365 Price Reduction

Microsoft Office 365
Microsoft has reduced the monthly per user price for their superb Office 365, which includes the Cloud ‘hosted’ Exchange Email service, Office 2010 Web Apps and Corporate Licensing, Sharepoint, Lync and more.

E3 - from £15.75 to £13.25 (Exchange email, Office 2010 licenses, WebApps, Sharepoint etc+)
E2 - from £10.50 to £9 (Exchange Email and web apps)
E1 - from £6.50 to £5.25 (Exchange Email only)


Office 365’s reliability and pricing make it an excellent proposition, for businesess looking to reduce administrative IT costs as well as to leverage the flexibility benefits from outsourcing some of their IT infrastructure to a global provider.

The key benefits of Office 365 can be summarised as follows:

  • Scalable service with predictable costs
  • Industry standard Microsoft Office tools
  • Email antivirus and antispam scanning
  • Document storage and collaboration tools
  • Financially-backed 99.9% service level agreement guarantee
  • Secure and compliant systems
  • Easy-to-use, cloud-based management tools in a single location
  • 24x7 phone/online IT customer support


For more information on Office 365 please see the following:

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