For many Organisations and Clients (those being users) the Service Desk is their measurement on the level of service and professional standards  provided by IT support.  The Service Desk is a crucial function to make sure the business; stakeholder(s) and user confidence in IT is maintained.  Many Organisations run a re-active service desk, responding to those incidents that arise and occur when something has failed.  In these days and times as Technology evolves,  the need to continue to provide first rate service and support is to transition to the next level; that simply means that we progress to a service desk which is pro-active.  By running a pro-active desk the IT engineers are not waiting for an incident to occur, but are seamlessly preventing incidents occurring before they happen.

This type of pro-activeness could mean that Engineers are spending their time sanity checking connections, servers and PC/ laptop Health states. This type of procedure then saves potential downtime to clients / users and organisations due to the pro-active measures implemented.  These functions can be a multitude of tools, monitoring systems, alerts and of course, human interaction with the systems to prevent a failure occurring.