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Avia Solutions

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Founded in 2001, Avia Solutions is one of the world’s leading air transport consultancies. 

In 2007, Avia Solutions were acquired by the General Electric group (GE). Avia Solutions completed a management buy-out of the business from GE in 2018 and needed to transition to a fully standalone business.


After reaching an agreement, Avia Solutions had just four weeks to complete the transition from a fully integrated business in a global corporate system to a fully separate enterprise. This meant, among other things, completely new IT systems, transfer of all data, and strong corporate security protocols.

Our Solution

The Intersys team stepped in and managed the expedited separation of Avia Solutions from GE. While working against the clock, we consulted with Avia Solutions to fully understand their exacting and highly specific requirements. We then planned and built an entirely new IT system and acquired all necessary hardware and software. The entire migration process was handled without any disruption to the client’s day-to-day business operations and Avia Solutions were able to hit the ground running. 

Perhaps the greatest compliment I can give Intersys is that none of our clients realised there had been any change in our systems, although every single element was new and created from scratch.

John Carter, Partner
AviaSolutions Ltd
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