These days there is such a wide range of pricing out there for domain registration and management facilities that it’s difficult to see exactly what the benefits or drawbacks may actually be for choosing one over another. At Intersys we fully understand what is needed in providing a first class domain registration and management service and unlike some other companies, we deliver our service at a very reasonable rate indeed.

Still some of our clients ask us why they should pay any more than the absolute lowest registrar fees that they see advertised. Very rarely does the cheapest product or service equal the best value and domain names are no exception. These are some of the reasons why it costs just a little more for our quality service:

  • Great Support – a known down-side with many companies, our support is by contrast very focused, quick and responsive, whether it’s administrative or DNS changes you need.
  • Easy DNS Control – whether you need good admin-side tools and intuitive controls, or a quick resolution by telephone call, your vital DNS controls remain easily managed. This is a commonly seen lacking in other registrar services.
  • Skilled Focused Staff – we often see mistakes made by companies who don’t care (or know) what they’re doing. Your DNS is critical – it needs to be looked after by an expert who understands it.
  • Easy DNS transfers – often this is purposefully made difficult and obstructive.
  • Careful Management – we take care to ensure that our clients domains, DNS and registrations are healthy. Not something automated systems in large registrars can do, but we charge a little more than the bargain basement registrars to cover the admin costs of this service. Companies have lost thousands of pounds when their domain renewal has failed (for example it was registered with an admin contact which doesn’t exist at their company any more).

So, the bottom line is, you don’t need to spend £60 per year per domain name, a price charged by some of our competitors, to get professional reliable domain services.

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