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We do More than Source Devices at Great Prices. We Unlock their Potential for Transformative Learning, too

With precious school budgets and children’s education at stake, making educated choices about the devices you choose is crucial.

However, our experience working with schools and colleges has shown that selecting the right laptops, tablets and computers is only half the story. In truth, it’s the well-thought-out strategies used to properly integrate those devices that will ensure technology plays an active role in helping you improve learning outcomes.

This is why Intersys sees procuring devices for schools and providing IT support, esafety and remote learning strategies as all part of one service. Taking this joined up approach can be the difference between spending budgets on ‘dead kit’ (and, yes, sadly schools are sometimes saddled with tech they will never use) and using IT to make a meaningful contribution to learning and attainment.

Help from the schools IT experts

For over 20 years, Intersys has helped schools across London, Essex and the south east procure, integrate and troubleshoot IT. Dedicated members of our team work exclusively with schools and we understand the challenges you face.

Working independently, or alongside your in-house IT team, we can help you in the following areas:

Procuring devices at budget-friendly prices

Based on discussions with you, we will analyse your needs and recommend the right devices for your school. These may include:

Android Tablets
Desktop Computers

We take a responsible view when it comes to educational clients and work hard to secure the best deals for you.

As an IT partner with one of the largest SEN schools in Europe, we can also advise on computers for students with special needs. Products include: BrailleNote Touch, SmartBox TouchPad and similar devices.

Seamless integration into your IT environment

We can also integrate all new technology into your IT infrastructure, ensuring your devices are working together seamlessly and safely. We can do this independently or – as is the case with some clients – collaborate closely with your existing IT team to free up their time and resources.

New hardware, new IT opportunities

For many schools clients, procuring new hardware can also be an opportunity to update or expand their IT setup, bringing potentially huge benefits in terms of: communicating with students; introducing engaging new lesson and learning formats; and admin and assessment. We can assess your needs and then help to implement school learning platforms such as Apple Schools, G Suite for Education, Google Classroom, Microsoft Education and Lightspeed’s Mobile Device Management.

Cyber security and remote learning

We can also deliver a robust cyber security programme for your school. Maintaining this security is crucial, particularly in the wake of covid-19 where a proliferation of devices used for home learning has increased the opportunities for cyber criminals. We are cyber security experts across many sectors – including education – and can find the right solution for you. Discover more about one of our most popular solutions for remote learning and cyber security, Impero Education Pro.

What our schools clients say

‘Proficient, friendly, and recommended wholeheartedly’

‘Our staff and students were tearing their hair out in frustration. Intersys staff are proficient, understand the education sector and, most importantly, are friendly and explain everything in layperson’s terms. All of this makes it very easy for us to recommend them wholeheartedly.’

Lesley Lapper, Archbishop Tenison’s Church of England  Sixth Form

For computers for schools, including laptops, iPads, Chromebooks and more – as well as full IT support – contact Intersys now.

You can find out more about how we assist schools here. Or discover how we can introduce the right technology to help your school maintain social distancing rules.

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