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Laptops for Schools and Computers for Schools

STOP Scrolling Through Models and Prices. There’s Something to Consider First… 

If you’re looking for laptops for schools or desktop computers for schools, it’s easy to get lost scrolling through brands and models looking for the right choice. But in our experience, that’s a far too narrow way to approach this subject. There are many decisions to make around compatibility, security and durability – and other areas – you must consider before going ahead. 


This is why it pays to work with a schools IT support expert. It can be the difference between being sold the wrong kit by a generalist vendor and getting the right devices for schools and students – at the right price. 


Ultimately it could be the difference between spending money wisely and embarking on another round of procurement far sooner than you’d hoped.

A teacher smiling at a student as they use tablets.

Things You Must Consider When Buying Laptops for Schools and Desktop Computers for Schools:

⚠️ Durability: Given that laptops for schools and other devices may face wear and tear, consider durability. Look for features like reinforced corners, spill-resistant keyboards, and rugged casings.

⚠️ Integration: Will your machines work seamlessly with your existing IT setup, or will there be lengthy and potentially costly integration issues?

⚠️ Operating System: Decide on the operating system (OS) that best fits the school’s needs. Options include Windows, macOS, or Chrome OS. Consider the compatibility with educational software and ease of management.

⚠️ Software and licensing: Decide on the software required and get the proper licensing. This may include operating system licenses, educational software, and antivirus programs.

⚠️ Warranty and support: When choosing laptops for schools and computers for schools generally, check the warranty offered by the manufacturer and the availability of technical support.

⚠️ Security: You may wish to prioritise security features, including password protection, biometric authentication, and data encryption, to safeguard sensitive information. (Take a look at the National Cyber Security Centre’s advice for schools to get started.)

⚠️ Refurbished laptops for schools? Is it a good idea to buy reconditioned computers for schools and could it save you money – or cost more in the long term?

✅ Intersys is a Schools-Specialist IT Company – We Can Help You Procure Fit-For-Purpose Laptops For Schools at the Right Price

Intersys has a track record of providing managed IT support for schools and academies across the UK. We work inside schools every day delivering help with IT, consultancy, cyber security support for schools and colleges, data breach response for schools and more. We can even give you advice on writing that essential cyber security policy for your school.


This knowledge gives us unique insights into the right laptops for schools, and fit-for-purpose desktops for schools. We don’t simply sell to schools and move on. Because we also offer IT support, we frequently see the equipment we recommend in action and can provide unique insights on what exactly will work best in your school setup. We can help you now with:


We understand the constraints on school budgets and we can help you find a solution to fit you. Every team member who visits your school is DBS checked.

We Unlock their Potential for Transformative Learning, too

Intersys sees procuring devices for schools and providing IT support, esafety and remote learning strategies as all part of one service. Taking this joined up approach can be the difference between spending budgets on ‘dead kit’ (and, yes, sadly schools are sometimes saddled with tech they will never use) and using IT to make a meaningful contribution to learning and attainment.

Based on discussions with you, we will analyze your needs and recommend the right devices for your school. These may include:


Android Tablets



Desktop Computers

We take a responsible view when it comes to educational clients and work hard to secure the best deals for you.

As an IT partner with one of the largest SEN schools in Europe, we can also advise on computers for students with special needs. Products include: BrailleNote Touch, SmartBox TouchPad and similar devices.

Case Study: Procuring Equipment for Whitfield Academy

Flourish Academy Trust is the largest Special Educational Needs (SEN) academy in Europe. It has a reputation for expertise, curriculum and training and is rated ‘Outstanding’ by Ofsted. Our hardware and software procurement service ensured the Academy got the best equipment at the best price. We configured and maintained all equipment, such as mobile devices, iPads and phones. By managing all IT contracts and liaising with key suppliers such as Ricoh and LGFL, we made licensing and dealing with vendors easy.

Two children and a teacher using laptops for schools, smiling.

Seamless Integration into Your IT Environment

We can also integrate all new technology into your IT infrastructure, ensuring your devices are working together seamlessly and safely. We can do this independently or – as is the case with some clients – collaborate closely with your existing IT team to free up their time and resources.

New Hardware, New IT Opportunities

For many schools clients, procuring new hardware can also be an opportunity to update or expand their IT setup, bringing potentially huge benefits in terms of: communicating with students; introducing engaging new lesson and learning formats; and admin and assessment. We can assess your needs and then help to implement school learning platforms such as:

Apple Schools 

Flexible tools that flex imaginations 

Google Classroom 

An all-in-one place for teaching and learning 

Microsoft Education 

Microsoft Education provides schools with solutions, technologies and education expertise to accelerate opportunities for all learners 

Lightspeed mobile device management 

Lightspeed Mobile Device Management equips school IT leaders with a cloud-based solution for scalable device, application, and policy controls 

Cyber Security for Your Devices

Buying more laptops, desktops and devices for your school will lead to a wider ‘attack surface’ – the opportunity for criminals to infiltrate your school. This means that, along with any procurement round, maintaining security is crucial, particularly since cyber criminals are increasingly targeting schools. UK government statistics show that 41% of primary schools, 70% of secondary schools and 92% of higher education colleges suffered attacks in a twelve-month period.

We are cyber security experts across many sectors – including education – and can find the right solution for you.

We can help with:

  • Comprehensive cyber security services, managing your whole cyber security infrastructure
  • Compliance expertise to help you comply with mandatory regulations
  • Schools breach response. Call us and we’ll respond rapidly, shutting down threats and getting you back up and running
  • Cyber security training. Cyber-savvy staff are your first line of defence. Ask our friendly team to deliver training that will help prevent costly breaches


Discover more about one of our most popular solutions for remote learning and cyber security, Impero Education Pro.

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I’m absolutely delighted with Intersys’ service.

Elaine Colquhoun OBE, Chief Executive Officer
Flourish Academy Trust

Intersys staff are proficient, understand the education sector and, most importantly, are friendly and explain everything in layperson’s terms. 

Lesley Lapper,
Archbishop Tenison’s Church of England Sixth Form
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