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Um. Yeah. About That Pluto Disaster Recovery Strategy…

We know, we know. That April Fool’s Joke was flagged like a Grand Prix pile up. But now we have your attention, we want to talk about the serious side of disaster recovery.

In other words, the crystals of Pluto talk ends here…

But we do want to talk about genuine disaster recovery. So you aren’t left feeling like a real fool (April or otherwise) after losing everything.

What Would Happen if You Lost Everything?

Losing data can cripple your business. Frankly, if you don’t have a strategy in place, you’re taking a high-risk gamble with your whole business. For what? The relatively small amount it’s costing to put one in place?

Intersys offers a range of backup and IT disaster recovery services covering everything from proactive checks to complete management in the cloud. No matter what your IT emergency, we have you covered.
Disaster strikes!
Disaster Recovery

Intersys Cloud Backup and Disaster Recovery Services include:

  • User File Level Backups - data restored to an external disk or another machine (ideal for hard drive failures or lost/stolen laptops).
  • Backup Consultancy - cost-effective advice on the best data backups for your business.
  • Veeam Backup & Replication Configuration - remote management including proactive backup checks.
  • Office 365 Email & SharePoint Backup - keep your organisation’s data safe in the cloud. Leave the backups to us.
I want a more secure business

But Hang On – Why Not Stop the Disaster From Happening in the First Place?

A disaster recovery strategy is essential. But it makes total sense to stop that disaster happening at all.

Generally speaking, it’s not natural catastrophes that wreak the most havoc.

It’s cyber criminals.

According to the government's own estimates, the average cost of cyber crime to UK businesses is £21 billion per annum*.
Cyber security icon

Solid Cyber Security From Just £129 p/m

Our award-winning cyber security solutions deliver a powerful defence against cyber attacks, so you can focus on your business instead of cyber security threats.

Our Training and Dark Web Monitoring service helps you mitigate against the top causes of security incidents and take a proactive approach to threats.
Get these two services:
Phishing Training

Phishing Simulation, Security Awareness and Compliance Training

Intersys' BullPhish ID helps mitigate the number-one cause of security incidents — human error — with plug-and-play simulated phishing exercises, and security awareness and compliance training courses. It educates and protects employees against the latest threats, turning them into a strong layer of defense against cyber crime.
Dark Web ID

Intersys' Dark Web ID - "Proactive Cyber Security"

Intersys' Dark Web ID helps protect businesses from cyber security incidents due to compromised user credentials. It monitors the dark web in real time and automatically issues alerts whenever exposed credentials are found. It helps you take defensive measures before a breach occurs.

£129 per month all in. 

It could be one of the best investments you make for your business.

No fooling.

I want a more secure business
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