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In today’s inter-connected world, no business or organisation can operate without its IT systems. This, together with mandatory data-protection regulations and the ever-increasing threat of cyber attacks, means robust cyber security is paramount for any reputable organisation. WatchGuard offers the most comprehensive suite of security services in the industry.

As WatchGuard Gold Partners, we have specialist knowledge of all WatchGuard security products. From industry-leading firewalls to cutting-edge anti-malware tools, we can help your organisation defend itself against the latest cyber security threats. We can help you connect offices securely and allow remote workers to access resources securely from anywhere, at any time and with nearly any device. Whether you have standard cyber security needs, or require advanced security services, we can tailor a package to suit your organisation’s budget and specifications.
Key tools include:
Intrusion prevention
Detect and prevent malicious traffic
URL filtering
Control and monitor browsing activity across your entire organisation by blocking unsuitable websites
Threat prevention
Stop traffic to URLs with a bad reputation
Spam prevention
Filter out spam emails and phishing attempts
APT blocker
Protect against ransomware, zero-day threats and fight evolving threats
Data loss prevention
Scan your files and text to detect sensitive information

Why choose us?

Fully accredited
We are WatchGuard Gold partners and have ISO 27001 accreditation.
Tailored solutions
We can create a bespoke package to suit the specific demands of your organisation.
Experienced team
We have over 20 years in the cyber security industry.
Cost conscious
Our solutions can be scaled and adapted to suit your budget.