SCAIR™ Supply Chain Risk Management Software

For manufacturing companies wishing to visualise their end-to-end supply chains and quantify financial losses resulting from supply chain failures, SCAIR™ is exactly the kind of sophisticated software tool you need.

How we work

With its intuitive, flowchart-driven interface, SCAIR™ quantifies the accumulated exposure of the company’s portfolio of products to each critical supply point, based on existing internal planning information and profit predictions, allowing both risk and supply chain professionals to map critical supply points and estimate exposures.

This robust enterprise platform has an established blue chip client base and overcomes the limitations of traditional Spreadsheet SCRM modelling, making the process more accessible and more effective through visualisation, multi scenario modelling, concurrent usage and team collaboration, including accessible, intuitive web access.

This structured approach to quantifying the supply chain risks facing your manufacturing company, makes SCAIR™ a user-friendly tool which allows you to respond appropriately and decisively to modelled failures in your supply chain and improve supply chain decision-making by focusing on the value at risk and prioritising  your supply chain risk management efforts. This enables you to quantify the impact of critical supply point failure on your bottom line, helping you formulate appropriate continuity plans and increase levels of preparedness, should the unthinkable happen.

Key benefits:

  • Designed by industry risk professionals, used by both Finance and Operations to inform the CxO
  • Designed to handle multi-stage, complex supply chains
  • Enables a cost benefit analysis of the value of investing in contingency plans against the value at risk
  • Multi Scenario Loss Estimation: model different threats and events
  • Analysis by financial value at risk and loss in market share
  • Multi User (collaboration across your entire organisation, including non-risk, supply chain and finance professionals)
  • Customisable terminology to suit your organisation
  • Graphically driven, enabling more effective complex supply chain visualisation
  • Customised and bespoke options available
  • Used to optimise insurance procurement with loss estimation methodology approved by leading insurers

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