Watchguard Security

With IT security posing one of the main challenges to organisations today, WatchGuard provides network appliances and security products designed to safeguard you and your information from attack and from compromise.

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You are no doubt aware of spyware, spam, viruses, Trojans and the web exploits of notoriety-seeking hacktivists stealing and releasing sensitive information to humiliate governments and businesses across the world. Hacker toolkits abound over the web and even an unsophisticated malefactor can access and repurpose sophisticated code such as that used in Stuxnet and other state-sponsored attacks.

With powerful firewall, anti-malware and intrusion prevention, WatchGuard enables organisations to defend, enforce and audit a strong security capability with tools to safeguard employee internet use while also providing IT with deep visibility into usage patterns. We can help you connect offices securely and allow remote workers to access resources securely from anywhere, at anytime and with nearly any device.

Key benefits:

  • Affordable, scalable, network security
  • Enterprise level solutions
  • Ability to centrally manage security
  • Upgrade packages allow tailoring to your organisation
  • Real-time visibility to allow user monitoring
  • Secure wireless access points
  • Defend against malware, virus and hacking
  • Address internal security threats and prevent data loss
  • Enforce acceptable use policies

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