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Software Solutions to suit your business

Every company has its own ways of working and faces a unique set of challenges. These need to be managed using tools and techniques that suit the particular organisation.

InterSys® recognises the individuality of each company and with this in mind offers a range of software packages and development services designed meet to your exact needs.

Software developed to meet your exact business needs. An end-to-end service from requirements analysis through to implementation and beyond. We have unparalleled expertise in the field of application development gained from developing market leading products and through creating custom solutions for our clients.

Bespoke Solutions

InterSys® has developed a number of software packages, add-on modules, tools and utilities. These are proven, working solutions – we may already have the answers to your needs. See our products page for our range of pre-built solutions.

InterSys™ Products

Our award winning SCAIR software leads the field in risk management modelling. It is flexible enough to be used in a diverse range of scenarios such as process modelling and engineering. We provide you with support and consultancy services to ensure that our risk management tools are effective solutions for your business.

Risk Management

Enhance your existing systems

We can also provide development and maintenance on your existing systems, enhance functionality, solve long-standing problems, add custom modules. Tell us your platform and we can develop for it – From the latest technology to unsupported legacy systems.

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