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How To Avoid An IT Crisis At 30,000 Feet!

Staying in Business After Encountering an IT Disaster 

Would you jump out of a Boeing 747 at 30,000 feet without a parachute?

No, neither would we.

It’s a bit like running a business, isn’t? Ensuring that your company data is safe and risk-free so that you can continue to focus upon progressing in your particular field is a ‘no brainer’, as they say in the U.S.

Talking of America… 

Across the pond, if a company loses their data centre for 10 days or more due to some kind of IT disaster, they have less than a 10 per cent chance of avoiding bankruptcy. In the UK, the stats are equally frightening.

For so many people, the unforeseen job losses these unexpected catastrophes create are obviously horrific. But what we at Intersys find equally horrifying is that most of these disasters could have been avoided if the businesses concerned had forged an alliance with a highly skilled and vastly experienced IT consultancy who specialises in Risk Management.

A company like us…

Getting in touch with us means FAILURE IS NOT AN OPTION

No, that’s not a threat. That’s the good news. The whole point of this blog post, in fact. Well, not the whole post, we’re just curios to ask you this:

If you suffered a major IT data loss, how long would you give it before you considered your company’s survival as being at serious risk?

Resign yourself to it: Within the hour? 3 hours? 6 hours? One day? 18 hours?

Believe it or note, most companies that have gone under as a result of an IT disaster waited 72 hours before seeking the help of a disaster recovery/risk management specialist like Intersys.

Don’t be the next nine-pin to go down

Why not let us utilise all of our experience and skills to find a risk management solution to suit your organisation and culture, and then ensure that it meets all your regulatory needs?

OK, professional risk management and disaster recovery services might not be free, but, should the unthinkable happen, they might just save your business– stopping everything you have ever worked from plummeting in freefall with no hope of survival.

Get in touch to find out more about how we’ll always be there to catch you if you fall – something that can happen to ANYONE. 

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