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And So This Is Christmas (And What Have We Done?)

Phew. What a year! Who’d have thought that Risk Management and Disaster Recovery could be so, well, EXCITING.

How was 2009 for you? Good, we hope. If it was anything like our year, you must have been busy busy.

Risk Management and Disaster Recovery to the rescue

Being a Risk Management and Disaster Recovery Specialist has to be one of the best jobs in the world. To come to the rescue of a company that stands to lose literally EVERYTHING they have built up over a number of years (due to an IT disaster), is an amazing feeling.

Seeing the look of relief on the faces of those whose situations we have assessed, made safe and then turned around through utilising all our Risk Management and Disaster Recovery experience and expertise is what makes this job so satisfying.

Risk Management and Disaster Recovery through 2010

As each New Year looms we know that over the course of the following 12 months businesses large and small across the UK are going to be faced with an IT disaster at some point. It is simply a fact of life. And although we would not wish an IT disaster on anyone, we know that businesses will need a Risk Management and Disaster Recovery Specialist who can not only get them completely out of trouble, but also provide a lightning fast, no-hassle, courteous service at an affordable price. That’s exactly what Intersys offer, and why, as the first Risk Management and Disaster Recovery Specialist companies everywhere turn to first when disaster strikes, we barely have time to draw breath from one week to the next!

All best wishes from the all of us at Intersys for Christmas and the New Year. And remember, if disaster should ever strike, don’t hesitate: Risk Management and Disaster Recovery expertise that is second-to-none is only a phone call away.

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