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The Truth About Email Marketing

Use Intersys Emailer Software to Generate More Traffic to Your Site, and then CONVERT

Have you heard the news? The telephone is history. Well, it is where businesses effectively keeping in contact with their customers is concerned. These days, e‑mail is king. When it comes to direct-response marketing, ROI on email marketing is greater than any other method.

Through launching an email marketing campaign for your business, you could:

1. Tell customers about your products and services
2. Promote any discounts/special offers you may have
3. Share your latest company news

And more…

Intersys Email Marketing Techniques that WORK

Email newsletters (sometimes called e‑newsletters or Emailers) are also a great way to point your customers to your website, blog, articles, and your pages on social networking sites, such as Facebook and Twitter —  helping to increase public awareness of your company, whatever your product or service.

Launch an Email Marketing Campaign That ‘Targets’ a Specific Holiday or Event

When it comes to managing a successful email marketing campaign, a powerful technique is to send out your e‑newsletters at regular intervals (but without bombarding your audience).

For example: as well as seasonal issues, you could target Bank Holidays, Easter, Christmas etc. Or how about targeting dates and events that are specific to your particular product or service? For example:

1. If you sell slimming products, you could launch an email marketing campaign to coincide with New Year, just as countless people across the UK are making a New Year’s resolution to lose weight.

2. Are you an online florist? How about an email marketing campaign pitched at the right time to offer people an ‘easy way’ to order their Mother’s Day or Valentine’s Day flowers?

3. Imagine a carefully thought-through and well-executed email marketing campaign designed to capture the mood of the nation on the eve of the football World Cup. If you are an online business selling England football shirts and other gear, you could make a killing.

Intersys Can Help You to STAY CONNECTED

Exciting email marketing campaigns can help your business to retain your connection with and stay in the minds of your customers (by regularly being in touch). What’s more, with every e‑newsletter you send out, you are sure to catch the attention of new potential customers. This could help you to win new business, and increase your profits. And if you are a charity or a not-for-profit organisation, you could convey your key messages to a widening audience with every campaign you launch.

Intersys Could Design a Unique Emailer Template for Your Business

Intersys can offer you email marketing software that delivers results. Why not let us design and deliver an e‑newsletter template that reflects and complements your branding? Even better, your emailer template from us will be designed so that your staff can easily add content without compromising the template’s layout and design.

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