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How Microsoft Exchange Server Infrastructure Design and Implementation Can Benefit YOUR Business

If you have Microsoft Office on your company’s work stations, you could use Microsoft Exchange Server and take advantage of a whole host of useful features the highly popular client-server collaborative application offers. Increase your productivity and safeguard your business through the greater management of risk.

Microsoft Exchange Servers – What Are They All About?

A Microsoft Exchange Server application is a corporate messaging system (used throughout the world) that supports internal and external electronic messages. It offers excellent usability and scalability for all the electronic messaging solutions you may require.

But it can do a lot more than just facilitate the passing of messages!

How They Make Life Easier

A Microsoft Exchange Server – the world’s most popular business messaging platform – is a cost-effective and flexible communication tool with major features that include:

  • The management and protection of communication with other servers (electronic mail)
  • Simplified administration (calendaring, contacts, tasks…)
  • The easy and secure accessing of e‑mail, voicemail, instant messaging – for all your users – from virtually any platform (support for mobile and web-based access to information)

A Microsoft Exchange Server can store a mass of information (relating to message transport) in a highly organised database, and really is feature-rich with powerful functions that allow companies to work more efficiently and effectively through enabling the easier management of projects overall.

The design and implementation of a Microsoft Exchange Server infrastructure is just one part of the IT services we can offer your business or organisation, wherever you are and whatever you do.

Let Intersys Get You Up and Running with a Microsoft Exchange Server

The Microsoft Exchange Server is part of the Microsoft Servers line of server products and is used by businesses and organisations using Microsoft infrastructure products. It can help you to lower your messaging costs, increase your productivity and safeguard your business through the greater management of risk.

Intersys is a Microsoft Certified Partner, reflecting our depth of commitment, expertise, technical excellence and experience.

To find out more about how Intersys could help you get the most from Microsoft Exchange Server infrastructure design and implementation contact us today!

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