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Is Your Website Customer-Focused Enough?

Web design and website redesign from Intersys – websites that scream BENEFITS!

These days, having a website is a ‘no brainer’. In fact, a web address is often the first thing an interested potential customer will ask for from a supplier or service provider; rather than a phone number or postal address.

But creating an eye-catching and affordable website with all the bells and whistles that clients think is ‘great’ does not necessarily an effective website make. Why? Because a site that talks all about a company, rather than what that company can do for its customers (the advantages to them of buying from the site, the benefits the goods and/or services offer…) will turn visitors off.

Passing the party bore test
Think about it: The guy who arrives at the party and proceeds to drone on and on about himself is rarely the one that still has a crowd of people around him half-an-hour later (or even 15 minutes later).

But what about the other guy, the one who primarily pays attention to what others are saying; shows an interest in other people; comes across as genuinely interested; asks them what they think about things… he’s the one people will be reluctant to move away from, the one who’ll definitely be invited next time.

Websites are like that. The text needs to be almost 100 per cent customer-focused. Instead of ‘we’, ‘us’ and ‘our’, the words need to say YOU YOU YOU.

And that’s just the start…

Offering a user ‘experience’
Consider these two sentences:

1. Our sofas are made using only the finest Italian leather.

2. Because our sofas are made using only the finest Italian leather, you can enjoy sophisticated comfort for years to come.

Notice the difference?

The second line focuses upon what the customer will actually experience [as a benefit of buying the sofa], whereas the first line basically just brags. Example 2 conjures images in the reader’s mind. They are already feeling the benefits of buying the sofa (rather than taking their custom elsewhere) because the supplier/service provider has taken the time to explain how customers’ lives can be made better – their emotional needs are being thought about and addressed.

And so the moral of the story is…
If you need a website or a website redesign ensure that the web design company you commission to design, deliver and launch your site creates websites that place a strong emphasis upon meeting target audiences’ needs, and also highlight benefits rather than just features.

This is the approach that the talented and experienced Intersys web design team adopts. We design websites for clients’ customers. And, boy, do they love us for it once they see their customer-bases grow, their sales increase, and their profits sky rocket! And all because their site asks a single, simple question: “Hi, how can we help YOU?

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