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Site and Theme Development with WordPress CMS

Intersys® develop websites using WordPress open source CMS.

We all like to feel in control (of our work, our lives, our futures… you get the gist!). You’ll find that being in total control of your web presence is also a good feeling, especially when it comes to content management, updating information, adding functional widgets, or simply blogging…

What’s a weblog?

A weblog (or blog) is like a diary, but on the Internet. On your blog you can write as often as you like (and include eye-catching images, too), and then invite readers to discuss or leave comments. Blogs can be connected to others blogs across the web, and can provide a great source of regularly updated information. Entries can be short and sweet, long and detailed, or something in-between. 

Give your web presence a ‘human touch’

What’s great about a blog is that it can give you a platform upon which to promote your goods, services, ideas… You can use your blog to announce company news, to have a laugh (or maybe a rant!), or even to initiate an online debate – put something ‘out there’ and then invite feedback from readers locally, regionally, nationally or even globally. 

It’s all about engaging with your audience by showing your company’s ‘human side’ (something a website, as such, cannot always achieve).

Build a regular readership (then convert them all!)

By writing in a friendly, conversational style (and perhaps throwing in the odd joke) you can show that you are not ‘all business’ all the time. This will help you to make an emotional connection with your readers, and to engender a positive affective commitment towards you, your company, your brand... After all, people prefer to do business with people they like, and a great blog can go a long way towards making your company likeable.

The best blogging software to use, then?

WordPress. Without a doubt.
Here’s why…

WordPress Open Source CMS is THE BUSINESS
WordPress is an open source blog tool and publishing platform, often customised into a Content Management System (CMS). This means you can add, amend and publish your own content whenever and wherever you like (as long as you’re in Wi-Fi hotspot!), without having to rely upon a web designer to do all this for you each time. That makes you ‘Wordpress independent’, and saves you time and money. 

Multiple users, logins, control over user levels…
With a full CMS at your fingertips you can also write and save your blog posts in draft form, to publish later. What’s more, your entire team can access and add to your WordPress open source CMS, as the software allows for multiple users/logins, and even supports different user levels (this means the level of access and usability can be organised in accordance with your business’s hierarchal structure).

Bespoke designs, custom-functionality…
As if all the above wasn’t enough, your WordPress blog can also have a custom-built theme (that incorporates your existing corporate ID/company branding, etc.), integrated into a bespoke template created by the talented and experienced Intersys team. 

With custom-features such as plugins and widgets – tools designed and developed by Intersys® to extend the functionality of your WordPress blog — also available from us, when it comes blogs created using WordPress Open Source CMS, it might be quicker for us to tell you about what we can’t offer you; which would make for a very short blog post indeed! 

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