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Intersys Christmas Charity Appeal 2022 – Join Us in Donating to Cornwall Air Ambulance

At this time of year, many of us looking to the skies will think of a certain bearded figure in his sleigh. At Intersys, we’re also thinking of Cornwall Air Ambulance, our Christmas Charity for 2022.

This life-saving service in the far South West helps thousands of sick and injured residents and visitors in the county every year. Many parts of Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly are either remote and inaccessible by road, or access is too slow in an emergency, which means the air ambulance is often the only way for patients to get the time-critical medical care they need.

It takes just 12 minutes from an initial 999 call for the air ambulance to reach people in trouble in mainland Cornwall and less than half an hour for the Isles of Scilly.

As part of its Christmas campaign this year, the charity has promised to double every donation made towards the first £75,000 thanks to its generous donors and patrons.

We’ll be donating and we’d be delighted if you would join us in helping to fund this essential service. Donate now.

Matthew Geyman, Managing Director, Intersys Ltd says, 

“I have called Cornwall my home for the best part of two decades and I know that the sight of an air ambulance helicopter in the skies can mean the difference between life and death for so many people. I surf and cycle with Head Paramedic and Air Operations Officer, Steve Garvey, a wonderful, hard-working guy, dedicated to helping people. Steve and his team have saved countless lives – people of all ages, backgrounds and walks of life. It’s gratifying to know that we can all help to keep such an essential service running.”

High Altitude, High Tech

The air ambulance crew is equipped with the latest night vision technology for search and rescue in the dark

The crew at the air ambulance includes highly experienced doctors, critical care paramedics and pilots. They work out of a newly acquired state-of-the-art AW 169 helicopter with an expert Synthetic Vision System (which can help them fly in the dark), powerful searchlights, and advanced mapping systems which means they can be on call even in the dark, 365 days a year.

Life-Saving Response by Road

The air ambulance also has two rapid-response vehicles that can get to patients by road during no-fly conditions due to bad weather. The vehicles have the same special equipment found in a hospital A&E. Paramedics can thus bring the hospital to the patient when time is of the essence.

We urge our friends and partners to also give generously to this essential service.

For more information, see our Christmas Charity Appeal page.

To DONATE NOW, visit the Cornwall Air Ambulance website.

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